Question regarding the French for WW2

  • Hi,

    A friend of mine is currently building Blitzkrieg Germans for Bolt Action and so I decided to do some French to oppose him.

    I really like the uniforms and the French Armylist has some interesting units to play with.

    Looking at the sprues, I noticed there is one Body with high boots and no coat for every 6 men with coat and putees. 

    Are those officers or could I use them as Dragoons? I don't think they fit in as NCOs, since those mostly wear the same uniform as their squad.

    I don't want to waste those Bodies, but I also don't need ten high ranking officers, when buying two boxes. But ten Dragoons would work. Is that viable?

  • The pictures show them as officers.

  • Early war French is not an area I am terrible familiar with so I am hesitant to weigh in.  But your idea seems like a good use of officer bodies to me.  I found the one attached picture of French Dragoons.  I would sand the boot laces off the front of the boots and Exacto knife little strips of plastic card for the side buckles on the boots and it's a pretty good match.(Dragoon on left)

  • The description for the above Dragoon picture.

  • Description for the previously posted Dragoon picture.

  • @Don Williams tbh Atleast its a 35 man box. your basically getting the officers for free. The MGs are coming as a seperate kit and will hopefully come with some cool new inf >.>

  • Got a new reference book - "Officers and Soldiers of the French Army 1940" by Jouineau.

    Maybe these pics will help:



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