remember that poll way back

  • I was just remembering this. Landsknecht ogres one but I wanted to analyze the other death fields style ones. first space pirates sound awesome I wonder if I could kitbash something like that sometime. aliens feel fun but it will probably take a while for them to do that. sci-fy civilians sounds like cannon fodder. robots would be robots. just kinda neat ones

  • I liked all those suggestions you mention, plus there are others that fit general Death Fields or more broadly sci-fi description (and I've championed most, if not all, at one point or another!):

    • Space Pirates
    • Multi-Species Aliens (I think this is the sort of thing I've been calling "rubber forehead aliens":  just different alien heads and arms to add to human bodies for those Star Wars and Star Trek style "guys in weird masks/makeup" look:  even an Accessory Sprue of alien heads to add to existing and future Death Fields bodies would be great for this, if so!)
    • Modular Robots (the cyborg bits from the "Death Fields Accessory Sprue #1" and upcoming "Cannon Fodder 2" set's renders look fantastic, and I bet some humanoid battle-droid "Not-Terminators" using bits like that would work great!)
    • Sci-Fi civilians
    • Cyberpunk Corporate Security (Cannon Fodder can cover this base, I think, especially kit-bashed with "Modern Military Generic Infantry" - a great historical/alt-history/cyberpunk subject as well!)
    • "Apocalyptic Survivors", and the similar (but, I imagine, more heavily-armed and organized?) "Insurgent and Irregular Moderns" - both of which seem like natural opponents for those robots, generic modern military, and cyberpunk factions for post-apocalyptic or dystopican uprising against our cybernetic or corporate overlords!


    The poll seems like it ended up favoring sci-fi:  that's up to 7 or 8 of those 11 runners-up that could be at least loosely considered sci-fi, and maybe more, if you want to include the suggestion of those "Hooded/Robed Monks/Cultists" (for a slightly different flavor of speculative fiction!), and the winner, "Landsknecht Ogres" (as a Death Fields faction rather than fantasy, it seems?)

    The space piraes seem like they'd be a lot of fun to kitbash from something, and the alien idea sounds like a ton of fun, too!  (I combined some Oathmark orcs with some sci-fi weaponry for a similar idea - I think of them as being the villains of a Star Trek or Star Wars sort of space opera, who raid, loot and pillage colony worlds and unprepared starships as space pirates!)

  • @david phillips the death fields weapons upgrade sprue and the les grognard command and heavy support. You get some cannons, some robot arms and (tricorns might be better) some bicorn hats. Could maybe make some interesting pirates

  • @Jonovious There used to be - and there might still be - a Games Workshop "Warhammer" boxed set, called something like "Empire Militia" when I bought a couple of them many years ago, that included bits that are suspiciously pirate-like... tricorn-style hats with eyepatches, blackpowder pistols, cutlasses, long-coats, and the like.  I'm not sure how to find them now afer whatever GW did to its Warhammer product line several years ago (the closest match I can find now are the "Freeguild" kits), but I bet that the Death Fields weapon sprue and Les Grognard Command and Heavy Support kit bits could dress those Warhammer guys up into campy "Lost in Space" style space pirates in a jiffy!

    If those guys aren't available anymore, then someone (I'm looking at you, WA!) really ought to make a box of generic pirates of some sort - fantasy/historical pirates at the least, ready to be kitbashed with Death Fields Accessories, if not Death Fields space pirates!  :)

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