Just stumbled across Iron Core - can anyone explain the current state of the game?

  • The WA store currently has Panzerjägers and Stormtroopers, but i've seen that there's a whole range including huge robots and (what i'm mainly interested in) the Valkir heavy troops, who i've not been able to find in stock anywhere. Are the troops in the WA store the only ones in production atm? I've seen in another post on this forum that peolpe are talking about what they'd like to see come out next, are we expecting an update to the range soon? Is ebay my only hope of getting hold of Valkir for the forseeable future?

  • Valkir are currently in development and working with Mark to plan out more sets this year. The Release Schefule will always have the latest (From menu above) 

    Dreamforge Games stopped producing sets a while ago so we have a license with Mark where he sculpts and we make them and distribute. Maybe a game in the future if everyone is into it. 

  • Dream Forge was the original manufacturer. They are pretty much out of business. There is no game, it was planned but never materialized. WGA partnered with them to redesign and make some of the Iron Core Eisenkern kits. Do not expect new vehicles or robots as WGA has said they only have plans for the infantry. You can still find them on ebay occasionally. They are great kits and I highly recommend picking them up if you can find them. There is very little mark up on them from what I have seen. WGA has teased new kits the original designer had planned for expanding the line but were never put into production.

  • I think the infantry kits have been a great source of sci-fi figures and bits, and I think the vehicle kits look fantastic, so I hope to see more from this product line!

    I seriously wish we had good variety of generic 28mm Heroic - or at least 1/48 scale model - vehicles, artillary, and accessories for use in skirmish gaming, in various periods.

    That Iron-Core APC looked like a fantastic model to work with, and I'm sorry I missed it when it was available!

    I also liked the accessories set - the one with the "robot mules", and a bunch of spare heads, arms, gesturing hands, and guns in it; I bought a couple of those, and bits from those kits make it into my kit-bashing projects all the time.

    I'd love to see a better, more well-rounded selection of model kits and vehicles in roughly 28mm or 1/48 scale to work with, both sci-fi and historical.  I think that for sci-fi and near-future skirmish gaming - say for raids, "capture the flag", "defend the objective", and other style scenarios -  we could maybe use an artillary piece, an APC/IFV, a comms/sensor array, maybe things like drones, power-armor, and sentry guns... I don't think a huge variety is needed, just a generic kit, with enough options to dress things up a bit for using the kit with different factions.  Wargamers in particular, I think, would want more variety than that, but even generic one-size-fits-all-factions kits are more than is commonly available now.

    Historical gaming might work best with something a little more specific, of course, but 1/48 scale modeling does produce a limited selection of very nice models that can work at least for WWII gamers (you get slim pickings when you move very far away from WWII, though:  modern kits have weird gaps in what's available, and WWI kits are all but non-existent, for example!)

    Anyway, I like the Death Fields Command and Heavy Support sprue for supplying a fantastic variety of gun emplacements that can be used for a variety of sci-fi contexts, and would have loved to have seen the Iron-Core APC available,as it looks like a fantastic model that could have been used for all sorts of different sci-fi games.

  • It looks as though W.A. is going to run with a lot of Marks original models. and add the missing the Russian and the Shadowkesh to name two now at 1/56th scale they are far more disirable. 

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