Machine-gun teams

  • Just noticed that the Release Schedule is listing these un-previewed items:

    • WW1 French Hotchkiss Team - Sculpting
    • WW1 German Maxim Team - Sculpting
    • British Infantry (1916-1918) - Final Part Check


    Sound slike great stuff!

    As an aside:

    From what I've seen at a glance, Wargames Atlantic's WWII Italians are a pretty close match for WWI Italian uniforms, except for the helmets... fortunately, it seems that the Italians bought helmets from theFrench in WWI - the same helmets, it seems, that arein WA's WWI French set... so, kitbashing the French helmets with Italian infanty looks like it'll be a prety good match for WWI Italians!  (The sub-machine guns and LMGs are going to be anachronistic, but the uniforms, soft caps, rifles, and the heavier machine gun looks like it could also be correct for the period!)

    And, WA's WWII italians kitbashed with WA's WWI Germans also seem to be a pretty close match for WWI Austro-Hungarians:  the WWI German uniforms seem close enough to Austrian uniforms, while some of the WWII Italian helmets and caps are very close to Austrian headgear; the Italian rifles at that scale ought to be just about close enough to Austrian Steyr-Mannlicher rifles to pass, the heavier machine-gun ought to work for the Austrians' Skoda M-1909 with a little modification, and the Germans' C-96 pistols ought to correct for the Austrians as well.

    So, for WA's Great War catalogue so far, looks like we've got:

    • Germans
    • French
    • British (in pre-production)
    • Italians (via kitbashing)
    • Austro-Hungarians (via kitbashing)
    • A few larger machine-guns (French, German, and Italian)

    Not bad - Wargames Atlantic's catalogue looks like it's going to be great for WWI gamers, and for those of us (like me) looking for some stuff for e,g, 1920s-1930s era pulp adventure and horror RPG scenarioss, and for skirmish gaming in roughly that era.

    Seems like some of the other major WWI factions might include the Yanks, Ottomans, and Russians, and I'm sure that wargamers and skirmish gamers alike would want to see a better selection of WWI era artillery and machine guns, tanks, vehicles, and cavalry (I've been surprised that more ~1/48 scale WWI tanks etc. aren't available!), but for now, it looks like a great selection of stuff is hitting the market for a fascinating period of world historical gaming.

    Can't wait to see what else is in the pipelines!


  • @Yronimos Whateley Aww, but I was looking forward armored Arditi.😢Arditi

  • Well, that's a new one on me.

    Definitely a specialty set that I couldn't hold my breath for, so I think that's a kitbash challenge!  :D

    We can start with those rifles:  the WWII Italians' Caracano rifles ought to work, otherwise, if only we had some WWI or WWII Russians, I'd call some Mosin-Nagants close enough to improvise with.  Pistols and grenades from the WWII Italians, WWI Germans, or the French Resistance might supply the andguns, and maybe a smattering of melee weapons from other sets to serve as trench knives, axes, and clubs (and wait, is that a pike or spear in that illustration???) to fill in for the rest of the armaments.

    Those helmets might be sourced from maybe the WWII Italians, possibly the WWI Germans?  There's something almost medieval about some of those helmets, and maybe something even closer might be found in some historical kits from an earlier century (or even some fantasy kits - I'm thinking I've seen something similar in some Oathmark or Frostrgrave kits... smoke 'em if you got 'em!)

    The chest armor over those uniforms is unlike just about anything out there that I can think of, but the hypothetical cuirass-over-clothing idea you've mentioned in the generic torsos thread might have provided the most pefect base for something like this that one could hope for!  (Short of that, some creative modeling over a base of some Italian uniforms, maybe?) 

    Finding an analogue for the chest armor would be the hard part!

    I glanced over the Wikipedia Article on the subject - looks like a fun subject for a "trench raid" skirmish game of some sort!


  • @Yronimos Whateley Actually the farina helmets would be pretty hard too since I have not really seen anything else quite like them in 28mm plastic: 

  • Instead of just HMGs, (which are great, please don't get me wrong) why not include morters in these boxes as well. For the size of game that is likely to be played with these figures, HMGs and morters would be a great pairing of heavy infantry weapons to be released. 

  • @Brian Van De Walker - depends on how exact the match is, and the amount of 'close enough' fudging you're willing to accept:  with no other options available, I could (possibly) find something that would come close enough to suggest the subject closely enough for me.  Your mileage (as always in this sort of situation) may vary.  And, a historically-accurate dedicated kit is always better than a "close-enough" kitbash!


    @Christian Jorgensen - I don't know if Wargames Atlantic has finalized the contents of their HMG teams, but I agree on the mortar teams:  sems like a great fit for such a boxed set to me, too.  Then again, maybe WGA have plans for separate boxed mortar team sets, as well, or perhaps mortar team sets packaged with other heavy weapons besides machine guns, such as anti-tank rockets or rifles.  They surprised us with the HMGs, who knows what else they have up their sleeves?  :)


    I forgot all about creating this discussion - now that I remember it, since I posted it, Wargames Atlantic appear to have confirmed that there are at least six upcoming WWI sets!  That number seems to include:

    • The WWI british set, already previewed.
    • A Yanks set.
    • These two HMG kits...
    • And anywhere from two to four other SECRET kits, depending on whether that number includes the HMGs (I assume it does, but I don't know that for sure!)


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