Conquistador unit planning

  • Planning a warhammer style empire army.

    Sprue A has:
    2 x armored bodies (8 per box)
    4 x padded bodies (16 per box)
    4 x sword arms (16 per box)
    3 x crossbows (12 per box)
    2 x round shields (8 per box)
    2 x heart shield (8 per box)
    4 x arquebus (16 per box)
    1 x banner (4 per box)
    1 x drum (4 per box)
    3 x halberd (12 per box)
    4 x shield arm (16 per box)
    Sprue B has:
    6 x pike (24 per box)
    2 x great sword (8 per box)
    4 x buckler (16 per box)

    So in a 5 box deal, thats:
    40 armored 
    80 padded

    80 one handed swords
    80 shield arms
    80 arquebus
    60 halbreds
    120 pikes
    40 great swords

    If I do 
    2 units of padded arquebus x 20 each (40 men)
    1 unit of 30 padded pike (30 men)
    1 unit of 30 padded halbred (30 men) Maybe change this to another unit of Pike...
    1 unit of 30 armored greatsword (30 men) maybe have this be halbreds instead....
    1 command unit... with sword and shield (30 men)
    160 men... so I am short 40...

    that means I need at least 7 boxes...

    Which would give me 
    56 armored 
    112 padded

    112 one handed swords
    112 shield arms
    112 arquebus
    84 halbreds
    168 pikes
    56 great swords

    To this, I would add the conquistador cavalry when available, and the landsknecht ogres...

    Anyone else planning units? I am hoping these will be out in february so I can justify them as a birthday purchase/ project.

  • @William Redford this is a great idea to get the main bulk of a Empire army started.

  • Just ordered the 5 box deal. Will see how far i can go with 120 conquistadors to start. 

  • I am going to add some Fireforge Northmen to use as unit leaders and heroes. I have 2 Imperial giants that I purchased from @Lord Marcus excellent web shop. Just have to wait for the Conquistador Cavalry and the Landsknecht ogres... and then convert some artillery. Looks like it will be a fun project. 

  • Cleared a shelf for the new army. The Giants are already waiting. 

  • @William Redford 

    Looks like it will be an awesome project.  Please post progress pics once you have the WGA miniatures in hand.

    Nice hobby shelves!

    Have you decided which Empire province you are doing?  Or will they be Estalians?

  • Is that an army of knights with female head on the right shelf, four shelves up?