Work in Progress. Share your ongoing projects and tips!

  • We've all got something half painted, half built or just not quite finished.


    This is a thread for those ongoing projects! Talk about what paints, tools and techniques we use and for anyone to ask for advice, critique and recommendations.  Let's get talking, help those in need, and work to encourage ourselves to clear those backlogs!


    To start here's my current workload. Starting with the least finished, my 40K Space Marine Command Squad. These are made from a number of different sets, form both the Horus Heresy and 40K, with a little bit of modeling and greenstuff work.

    I plan on doing them in my standard yellow and black Chapter colours, with some 2nd edition style red weapons and imperial purple accents.

    Next up, my first lot of Colonial Marines from the Another Glorious Day in the Corps game expansion set. So far I've just done the base colours for the fatigues, so still needs the camouflage details, and everything else, obviously.


    Far closer to being done are the Aliens. As you can see, I've gone with the red Aliens from the Dark Horse Comics old Genocide series. These were primed black and then dry brushed with increasingly lighter reds, then given a dark red wash. I still need to do the metallic teeth, wash the bases and give a black coat on the rims. 

  • @Stilton Disco love the red aliens👍👍👍👍

  • On the one hand I keep meaning to do more tutorial blog entries but on the other I feel hardly qualified to give anyone tutorial advice. However for those curious here are some tutorial blog entries that I have already done.

    I keep procrastinating on a more in-depth kitbashing conversion tutorial blog post but it will come one day.

    As always I welcome suggestions, feedback and advice on my work as I have so much more to learn and improve upon.


  • My wife just got me a box of these lizard men for Christmas.  8 Sprues of possibility😄:

    So I'm going to start by taking three or four sprues and building a Continuum Syndicate warband for Star Breach.  I've already started an 8 Lizard list:

    1) Chronomancer with Power Saber and Bolt Rifle, 2) a Clairvoyant with Subcompact Bolt Gun and Power Saber, 3) a Stitcher with a Scoped Rifle, 4) a Looper with Blunderbus, 5) a Hired Gun with a Heavy Bolt Repeater [Basically a machine gun], 6) a Hired Gun with a Rocket Launcher, 7) a Henchman with a Bolt Rifle, and 8) a Henchman with a Subcompact Bolt Gun.  The excess points will go into grenades, relics, and psychic abilities.

    There'll be a little simple conversion work, but I should be able to make everything with the occaisional hit from the bit box.  I'm going to try to stick as much to the box as possible though.  Feeling inspired, I got started with the first sprue to make the Chronomancer, Looper, and Henchman with Bolt Rifle.

  • Some custom aggresive plants (1mm and 0,8mm wire, pistachio, thicker alminium foil, toothpicks, superglue, pva glue, small paper triangles and black tea):

  • Got my first box of WWI French today. Got one Groupe de Combat finished. I am aiming at a company, which means 216 figures to glue and paint.WWI French

    WWI French

  • @Forrest Wentworth I love the look of these figures. I'm thinking of getting a batch to do up as some generic sci fi lizardmen, doing each one in different garish real world colours from lizards and amphibians.


    @Rondaros A'terac I love them! Reminds me of the old 80's stuff like using a styrofoam ball with toothpicks to make a cactus. 


    @Sam Bellamy With that many to paint how are you planning to tackle them? I'd suggest a combination of zenithal priming and Citadel Contrast or the new AP Speedpaints, finished off with a light sand colour drybrush.

  • @Stilton Disco I'm not sure yet. But since painting is a way to relax for me, and I in no way am in a rush, my guess is that I will be finished this time next year with this company. That way I can also get some other figures squeezed in as well.

  • @Sam Bellamy 216?! That's impressive.  I look forward to seeing the entire company finished.  I'm not sure I could do it. 

    I have a tendency to bounce from one project to the next.  It's why I try to stick to small things like my 8 Lizard Star Breach war band.  Even right now, I'm staring at an armature to a tree I started over a month ago.  I just need to buckle down and finish it.

  • @Forrest Wentworth my idea is to base the size of the company on WWI France for these, like I have based the comany of my WWI germans on WWI Germany.

    This means that the french company consists of four platoons, each platoon consists of two half-platoons and each half-platoon consists of two Groupe de Combat with either twelve or thirteen soldiers and one officer each.

    To make it more fun to paint and build I am planning to make each platoon different in one way or another. The first platoon, that I am working in now, will all be with gasmasks. The second will all be with adrian helmets, but without gasmasks and the third will be with kepi. How the fourth will be is depending on wether Perry Miniatures will release their french infantry from the Franco-Prussian War before I get there or not. If not the fourth will be Senegalese, until Perry releases their french, and when that happends the Senegalese will be a separate attatched platoon, in the same way I have an attachement of Zouaves today.

    To make sure I won't get tired as hell on my French, I work with several Companies and Batallions at the same time(if you are interested, this is my plan ahead: ). So when I get tired of WWI French, I take a while to paint som WWI Germans, Raumjäger, Grognards, Legionaires, Zouaves or something else I have planned.

  • @Sam Bellamy I like the plan.  I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress.

    Also, the other stuff you have posted is really good looking.

  • So I had a little free time and went back to work on my Time Lizards for Star Breach.  I'm not the best converter out there but what I do is at least functional.

    You can clearly tell the Clairvoyant has a blade and subcompact weapon and the henchman has a subcompact weapon as well.

    You can also clearly tell the stitcher has a scoped weapon, one merc has a machine gun thing, and the other merc has a rocket launcher.

    What I'm proud of is everything was made by trimming and gluing the bits from the lizardmen sprues.  No parts from anything else (except one earlier lizard has a pistol holster from a Stargrave kit).  This box is insanely fun to tinker with.

  • My Time Lizards got a game in ... and the dice gods did not favor the grey plastic.  Seriously, if I needed a five I would roll a four, if I needed a seven I would roll a six.  It was so consistent my oponent started predicting my rolls.

    So I slapped some paint on them - Yay!

    I've still got to figure out how I'm going to base them.

  • @Forrest Wentworth  Have you ever thought of trying transparent bases, used them in the past from Frenris Games. They come in all shapes and sizes and have the advantage of, whatever terrain you put them on, the figure totally blends in. Cheers Geoff.

  • @Geoff Maybury I hadn't considered that.  The problem is I've already glued these guys (lizards?) to their bases.

    I'll definitely have to remember that as an option in the future though.  It doesn't look like the clear bases are really that much more expensive than the bases I already get.

  • Done with the time lizards.  (I just went the easy route and textured/washed the base to look like concrete.) I even hit them with some matte varnish, and I'm normally way too lazy to do that.

    I even made a little piece of terrain to go with them. 

    Next up, I just got some Cannon Fodder.  What's everybody else got going?

  • @Forrest Wentworth those lizards look great! I love the coloured heads you've given them. Makes them really pop!

    How did you do the rocket launcher?


    I've got a WIP conversion on the table at the moment, this guy is a Grognards special weapon (plasma, maybe?) I really liked the industrial look to it - thought it'd go nicely. A bit of fiddling, dropped bits, swearing and a hand swap using a stick grenade hand from the Partisans kit later and i think it worked.

  • @Slow Painter Thanks for the compliment on the lizards.  I really like your conversion as well.  It fits really smoothly together.

    As to how I made the lizardman rocket launcher, I took some pictures and made a tutorial here:



  • Oh, I also ended up with a box of Cannon Fodder and I have dived in.

    I will say, that skin tone paint looks much better on the tabletopthan it does in photos.

  • WIP on a Krieg kill team.

  • @Slow Painter That is a CLEAN paint job - nice!

  • Some WIP shots of my Stallenberg 'Kriegers'. 

    Commander, Commissar Lord, Commissar (based on the one from WD 149 cover) and Lieutennant




    Close up of the Sgt and another dudesman.



    Commander and Whiteshield/Conscript



    Command Squad


     'Your Mothers here lad, Mothers never leave you!'







    Proxy Malcador, Centaur, Lieutennant, 2 command squad and atrillery chap (centre), 5 Grenadiers (left), 5 Guardsman (right).



    Master of Ordinance and another command squad. 



    Heavy Bolter dude 









    'So far' Family shot



    Bits I painted after the above family shot



    and most of it boxed up, a few bits here that never made it into above piks





    Wip of some 'Lascannons' and a Quad Mortar 



    Commissar training squad (I play 1st ed even now)/Scions in 9th ed.



    Soviet Halflings



    Nikoli the Bastard, Artyom, Vasili Squatslav, Ivan McMolitov, Steve.


    I have ten German Halflings as well but I cant find pictures of them atm, weird as I have taken some and shared them on the WGA Legion FB group last year. Oh well, these things happen I guess. 

    Soon Ill get round to getting pictures of all the units individually, with a better camera, so people can see them better. 

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