Statum Atlanticum Anno MMXXII

  • A big update in our Articles and news section! Perhaps the start of an annual state of Atlantic report!

    Statum Atlanticum Anno MMXXII

  • Great article, love the animal idea. 

  • This is exciting news. Also, goats.

  • Great news! Thank you WA staff for your hard work.

  • The animal set absolutely does look like it'll be a lot of fun - I know some other company already has a similar set out there somewhere, and it is a nice enough set, but variety is quite welcome, and I think the Wargames Atlantic version looks like it's going to have a lot more character to it!  :)  I think I'll be buying a couple boxes of those, as gifts for other gamers and modelers I know:  it's probably not something any of them are thinking "I need farm animals, I wonder if anyone makes them?", but it's almost certainly something all of them would love to get as a gift, with a reaction that starts out something like "Farm animals?  What on earth do I do with those?", moves into "Awwww, they're cute!", and then into "wait, what can't I do with these???"  Modelers, fantasy gamers, historical wargamers from pretty much any era, and crafters can find a few uses for these:  fun scatter terrain/dungeon dressing, familiars and animal companions, skirmish game objectives, bits for a diorama, stuff for a Nativity scene, railroading scenery....


    That machine-gun team also looks fantastic, and I'm not sure who the (maybe the Napoleonic 3-up, Spanish Napoleonic, or Russian Napoleonic sets mentioned in the release schedule? or maybe an unannounced/unrecognized Death Fields set?) army in that other preview picture are, but I have a feeling they'll be a very versatile and useful set!  (They look like they would play really well with Grognard bits and/or the accessory sprue for Death Fields, while on the historical sideof things, Napoleonic gamers are bound to be able to find a home for them in a variety of armies, and I bet that even Victorian and steampunk/VSF gamers can find some uses for them; assuming WA includes their usual great selection of heads for different uses, I can even see these soldiers facing down a set of cowboys in a siege at the Alamo!)

    I'm really excited to see what else is on its way - Wargames Atlantic are hitting it out of the park! :)

  • Thanks guys we're trying!

  • When I first saw the banner I immediately thought wow WGA is tackling naval combat in the ancient world... Trimerenes etc 😂🤣🤔

    animal set looks great, looking forward to seeing the WW1 weapons teams

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