• I've bought some persians, what rules do you guys use for ancients? I'm not sure what to go with. I'm probably looking for a lower model count, so some sort of skirmish.

  • Mortal Gods by Footsore could work! Smaller points for Warhammer Ancient Battles. I'm sure there is a Lion Rampant version out there too or Osprey's Men of Bronze? 

  • Though there are no official rules for Persians yet, I will base mine for SAGA.

    They have Ancients covered with Age of Hannibal and there will be an Age of Alexander Book in the future. I hope there will be Persians in that and until then I just use whatever Battleboard fits my taste.

    Propably Carthaginian or Greek, since they have all troop types available in SAGA (infantry, cavalry and elefants).

  • The "Kings of War Historical" rules provide armylist support for Persians, and you can run units as small as 10 models. So you could have a pretty small model count force. Perhaps not the usual skirmish game model count (like 5-20 models, total), but with only 1.5 to 2 boxes of Wargames Atlantic Persians you could field a totally complete, albeit small, Kings of War army.

  • @Pygmy Hippo 

    I didn't know there was a Historical Kings of War rules set.  Thanks.  Is there individual miniature casualty removal?

  • @JTam I'm not sure if the Historical is updated to 3rd Edition, or is still based on 2nd.  I'm using Persians to build my Kingdoms of Men list for Kings of War.

  • @Miyuso

    Hail Cesare, Fields of Glory, etc. I would assume pretty much any history ruleset covering the Greeks also covers the Persians, and that’s quite a few.

  • @JTam

     No, they don't do individual model casualty removal. That said, you CAN do it, but that would be for visual reasons only. As far as the game rules go it isn't required. For that reason many people use multi-bases or full-unit stands of figures. Faster setup, makes movement easier, and gives you more modeling options.

    The way I do it, however, is a hybrid. I base half of my unit in stands, and the other half as individual models. That way it's faster to set up for Kings of War Historical (or regular Kings of War), and if I choose to play using Warhammer Ancient Battles ruleset (or some other rules), I still have the ability to make different shapes and sizes of units, and to remove casualties. The front ranks are based 4 models to a single 40x40mm base, and then the rest are single based on 20x20mm bases. I use the rear ranks to pull casualties, and if needed I can "make change" from the front rank and replace with remaining individual models. 

    So it's fast to set up for Kings of War/Historical, and still flexible and fast to set up for Warhammer Ancients. Best of both worlds. 

  • @Pygmy Hippo 


    Thank You.

  • @Ben S If you're looking for a big-skirmish-small-battle ruleset that allows for around 30-50 models a side a la AoS, I'm enjoying SPQR, which has a comprehensive army list for Achemenid Persians. Fast-paced, tactical, and with no shortage of action as per your favourite ancient historical TV series. It's got a bit of a bad rep but I think it's great and underrated, either get the Revised Edition off Warlord's site or if you can find the original edition on the cheap I'll post my own set of errata on this site and answer any additional queries you may have (I prefer the original because the Revised Edition changed too much in my opinion).

    Enjoy! 🙂

  • Thank you very much, I've finally got some painted up and ready to go

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