Scifi Cavalry

  • Seeing as we're likely going to see the death of the space cavalry from a certain game company, maybe someone should take up the mantle and make some cool thematic scifi horse troops. Also, Posleen and ACS.

  • Space dinosaurs with lasers on their heads or jetbikes. Anything else is lame.

  • @Battle Specter

    ... Posleen... 

    Oh, YES... please... 10 Boxes for me.. 😍

    And a kit of BunBun...? 🤣

    One of the best SciFi-Series I ever read... would like to read more of that story but no Cally- or something books... like "Watch On The Rhine" oder "Yellow Eyes"...   maybe africa or asia... or russia would be great...

    The GKA could be the Valkyr-Suits... oooohhhhh...   get out of my head...


  • @Frank Reischmann A 28mm BunBun kit... maybe the Bun Bun from the Council War series. Hell, a character set from that would be awesome. I'd buy it. And technically Posleen are space cavalry.  But we need Iron Mike and his ACS. This should really be a thing. Put those "Astartes" in their place...

  • @Battle Specter 

    Les Grognard cavalry.

  • Bulldog cavalry. Later Hussar style frogged jackets, but leave the Pelisse in the barracks.

  • @Chris Pryme 

    Leave the Pelisse a separate bit I can glue on the shoulder ;)

    Although maybe leave the Hussar look for Grognards cavalry and have the Bulldog cavalry have a more of a 1800s, stabbing people with bamboo shaft lances, young Winston Churchill with a broomhandle Mauser feel.

  • A believable "Alien" perhaps a bit like Battle LA, none human but farming humman parts for their drones. 

  • @Geoff Maybury i think some aliens based on Battle LA would be dope.. I really liked the feel of that movie.. their drones I thought were kinds meh, but the aliens were cool. Also, modern USMC. And while were talking cool stuff, Horse soldiers Ala Afghanistan,  American Spec Ops style..

  • The luxury here is it's open to so much interpretation, you could have massive things like Star Wars' dewbacks to Galaxy Rangers style horses and it would all fit in

  • A WW1 German Cavalry kit would be a fantastic base for sci-fi cavalry.


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