"Battalion" 2015 Movie Review

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    A short review of the 2015 film "Battalion."

    "Battalion" is a Russian language, Russian production movie that more or less tells the tale of the real life all female "Battalion of Death" raised during the waning days of Russian involvement in WW1.  

    The movie has a fairly standard war movie plot in that women from all walks of life are thrown into the basic training crucible and then bond on the front.  


    Interesting subject. 

    Great eye candy in the form of uniforms and weapons.

    It's a modern production movie about the Eastern Front in WW1.  Let's face it, we're not spoiled for choice here.


    If they had a military consultant they didn't listen to him.  Gas rounds delivered by mortars land directly in trenches with unerring accuracy. 

    The Germans conduct a massive frontal assault.  Does the "Battalion" meet it with interlocking fires from their machineguns?  No, forget that noise, they conduct their own bayonet charge to meet the Germans in no man's land.  Strangely, for a movie, it goes about how you would think it would,  with the Germans largely murdering their smaller, weaker, and inexperienced opponents.  

    Rating:  2.5 of 5 stars.  The story is fairly predictable.  As mentioned the tactics portrayed are inaccurate.  And frankly I found it dark and depressing.  If you like watching women dying with 12 inches of German steel in their guts you may enjoy it more than I did.  It was worth a watch but I won't ever take the time to rewatch it.

    Subtitles were good.

    I don't know about the dubs as I'm not a cretin and don't watch that cr**.



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    Story of the Women's Battalion of Death:




  • Thanks for the review, I do enjoy hearing what folks think about certain movies.

    The film may have been underwhelming but at least your review of it has brought something I was unaware of to my attention. 

    I have long supported the idea of women serving in combat. While it seems this particular attempt was mostly propaganda and an operational failure several of the women trained in the program reportedly went on to fight in the Russian Civil War and was a step on the path to women serving in the Soviet Army in WW2. 

    It is a shame that the movie is not more historically accurate.

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