Army Builder Sets Modification for Flexibility

  • So, that's an awkward thread title. 

    But the idea is this: 

    Seperate the left rifle arm into another piece on the sprue.

    This of course slows down the build process but gives increased poses/variability in the figures.  

    Then sell alternate left arms with shouldered laser rifles on a sprue similar to the Death Fields Accessory Sprue.  This allows one to have Napoleonic Russians in SPACE! as an example.



  • Bonus points if the laser rifles vaguely look like this:

  • While I would find the separated arm much more attractive for kitbashing purposes, I don't see the attraction of all marching laser rifle troops. 

  • @BS Kitbasher  

    The attraction is the above picture ;)

    Works with Mordian / Front Rank Fire! type doctrines.


  • this sounds like a great idea, especially the upgrade set. the army builders for decline and fall will probably have seperate arms, so future napoleonics would probaly be the same.

  • @BS Kitbasher

    While I tend to agree about the marching pose laser rifle (though I have heard some asks for that), I do think making nappy ABs more kitbashable so it can be used for other things besides marching poses would be good, if possible. (Or perhaps even just skipping the almost static pose AB and focusing on more multipart skirmish and shooting poses, it’s not like there are not a ton of marching pose figures out there already for that era).

    Likewise I have also been one to advocate doing a "historical scale Laser rifle" upgrade sprue for historical Napoleonic sets (not just on WA either, I suggested them to Victrix and others as well, like they will ever do that🤣). The current upgrade sprue seems to be WA's answer to that, though I get the feeling that once I pick it up I will be mildly disappointed in how oversized the guns and hands are.


  • I often kitbash historical laser rifles by cutting up two or more historical rifles and mixing parts, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.  

    Historical scale lasweapons would be great, but I'd also settle for "close enough" real weapons, like the Pancor Jackhammer or the Steyr aug, or something like that.  The grease gun and the WGF version of a Russian SMG both looked pretty lasery with one or two snips.

  • The request here is marching lasweapons, not just historically scaled ones. And such weapons would prevent any need for army builder sci-fi kits.

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