Goblins purchased, instructions unclear

  • Bought a box of the goblins, super excited.

    however I have some questions before I Willy nilly start chopping stuff off sprues.

    1) one of the shields has a hole where the boss should be, and no hand that matches; the punch dagger arm maybe, but it's too wide for the hole.

    2) are there 4 or 5 figures in total on each frame? Every thing seems to be in multiples of 4, but I realize maybe one of the lower legs is for a spider rider.

    2B) if the answer is 4 individual figures per sprue, then you wouldn't be more than 6 frames I got in my box, yes?

    any help from the wise would be great

  • there are 30 total, so 6 sprues of 5.

  • @Estoc Ok, that answers that part, thank you!

  • @Joseph Wright 

    You know what, question 1 is a really good question. 

    I just studied the heck out of the pictures of that sprue and I can't figure it out.  Looking at the built Goblin examples I don't see any of them using that shield.  I thought maybe it mounts in their backs, but it doesn't look like it.  I thought maybe the shield mounts on the spider saddle, but I don't think it's that either.  It's a mystery wrapped in a conundrum.  


  • I haven't bought this set (yet), but -

    There's enough goblin parts per sprue to make five goblins - three infantry, and two cavalry.  The cavalry legs, I'm told, are suitable for gluing to a base to use for infantry, too, and that these looks best with archers - some of the illustrations seem to show some goblins assembled that way:

    Not sure about the shield with the hole in it myself - I'd mount it to an arm or back as-is, and if it didn't look right, use just a bit of trimmed plasticcard or sprue to cover the hole. 

    Depending on how you feel about modeling/sculpting, it should be pretty easy to use a bit of green-stuff to sculpt a crude face or skull over the hole.

    I can't tell how flat that shield is, but it looks to me like that shield might be reversible - a nice wooden texture on one side, and a flat/smooth surface on the other - so that might be what the sculptors had in mind:  mount the shield with the side you prefer facing out, and fill the hole if desired.  The shield might also be meant to be mounted over lance, with the lance poked through the shield?  (Not sure how weird that looks.) 

    If none of that works for you, the Dark Age Irish have about twice as many shields as they need, and their bodies and equipment look suitable for a goblin army - just give 'em some of your leftover goblin heads!  (The Irish even include some small "wargs" for your goblin army!)

  • I'm just going to stuff spare halfling heads into my shield holes.

  • Here is what it looks like stuffed with hobbit head.


  • @BS Kitbasher  one more angle 

  • ROFL - I thought you were kidding!

    It's ghoulish, but darkly, blood-chillingly hilarious - an orcish sense of humor for sure!  :D 

    I'm not sure what bits went into those goblins, but they look great!


  • Thank you.  The goblin on the left uses a WGA Late Roman body and limbs.  The guy on the right has a late Roman body and arms with an Einharjar ruff, a cape from ...uh, Fireforge? a shield from Shieldwolf, a sword from Reaper, and the head of a Mantic revenant.  I was going to add flanges made from axe blades for that General Kael look, but the Mantic helmet had so much detail already that I couldn't.

  • The goblin heads mix really well with human bodies - I've been saying that I'm sure they would, but it's great to see it actually tried, to confirm it!  I haven't gotten my first box of WGA goblins yet, it's on my shopping list!

  • Seriously, has anyone figured out the hole in that shield?

    I noticed the hole was even mentioned in the On Table Top/Beast of War video that WGA posted on the main site.

    Is it just a failed attempt at rule of cool?  Was it an error that made it through the quality control process?  Inquiring minds want to know!

  • @Forrest Wentworth there is a bump that protrudes from the the back of the hip of one the armored goblins in one piece. The shield goes there, hanging form the hip.

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