BULK Deals

  • I'm curious if there is any chance you could set up the "Buy X number of boxes" into a mix and match instead of a mono box buy. People may want a box of one, a box of another, and maybe two boxes of something else, and obviate any discount for purchasing multiples of the same kind. I'm not savvy on the business side of what's going on, but it seems to me that everything is similarly priced, and it would be very easy, and likely cost effective, to do so. More a curious question than anything else.

  • I've seen this question asked before on Facebook... but I would second the call for this (or 300th the call).

    I am interested in several upcoming kits but don't need 5 of each. Getting 1 Franks, 1 goth, 2 goth army builders and a cannon fodder femmes box would certainly make me take the plunge to buy all at once vs stringing them out over several months. 

  • That frankly sounds great, a deal for x boxes of my own choosing..I would immediatly go for.Space Brits, Grognards, Conquistadores, Skellies, ... many things where I just need one box.

    In all honesty, I still think the single boxes are competetivly priced as they are, but nothing wrong with a bulk buy discount..at least from a costumers perspective


  • i'd like mix and match too,

    but i can see why it would be more work and how it might mess with the economies of scale in other ways

    so if it could happen, excellent, if it can't oh well

  • @OrlandotheTechnicoloured I would think it depends on the overall scale of the operation, but as I said I think the single box prices are fine as they are especially if you compare them to the competition.


  • @D34dly K i think theyre competitive as well, but I don't need huge numbers of the same thing. I'd like a 3/2 split of the Panzerjagers and stormtroopers. And even of the prices are competitive it'd be nice to get a bulk deal on it all when I pull the trigger.

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