Show Your Hobby Space

  • It's always enjoyable to see people's creativity and good fortune in cool gaming areas, gaming tables, miniatures storage, reference libraries, painting tables, giant piles of unpainted plastic, etc.

    Some even have entire rooms given over to the hobby which is inspirational.  

    Please share pics of your hobby spaces/stuff here!

    Most of my hobby stuff is packed up due to life circumstances, but I'll start with a portion of my references library.  These books have given me many hours of pleasure although I'm starting to worry about the structural integrity of the floor - LOL.

  • Any chance you play ww2 games?😂 That's an impressive collection of books you got there. Happen to have the book "Warriors of the rising sun" as well.

    I began with wargaming in August and designated one desk of mine for the hobby. Made two shelves and got a tool rack and one of those convenient sorters for bits. 

  • @Berggeit  

    Nicely done!  That's an awesome setup.  Must really improve the modeling/painting experience and efficiency.

    Is the sorter integrated into the left shelf?  Cool.

  • I have 2 areas sanctioned by Boss-wife. My home office (Ground floor) and the unfinished room (Basement).

    Edit: Sorry for the small photos... I cant seem to post multimple photos so combined them all together in Paint to be one photo... 

  • @William Redford 

    Nice!  Like the displayed helmet. 

    The Boss-Wife is generous.

    In the Army a unit will have a radio call sign like "Saber" or "Bandaid," etc.  Specific individuals/positions like the Commander, Senior NCO, and XO are identified by further suffixes.  (Commander is 6, Senior NCO is 7, XO is 5, etc.)  So the commander of the Saber elements call sign is "Saber 6."  

    A lot of GIs refer to their wives as "House 6."

    What is the extremely large gray ship in the basement?

    I think I have figures out posting multiple photos.  Hit "return" a few times first and then post the photo above the space you have created.  You will then be able to post additional photos in the space below the photo you just added.  Does that make sense?  Not sure how clear I am being.

  • @JTam House 6... It is official now... :) 

    The Big Grey Ship is the Reaper Bones Pirate Ship, Sophie's Revenge... Though mine I call :Mischief"

    I will give the Multi-pcs a try, next time. 

  • @Berggeit  I admire your well organized workspace mate.

    @JTam  That is an impressive collection of literature brother.

    @William Redford I am in envy of all your hobby space... and you have done a much better job of getting Sophie.. er I mean Mischief put together than I have!

  • @William Redford dude that ship is beautiful, I want to build one now! 


    Although it must take a huge tablespace for it have any movement. Feel like it would do great as a moored ship in a colonial/pirate harbour

  • @Will Mansell  yeah, I haven't used it in game yet but that is probably what she will be used as. Though she would definitely make a good stage for boarding actions or other settings where outside movement isn't necessary to track. 

  • @William Redford Boarding perhaps from a pair of sloops? *wink*

  • Anybody else want to put a statue of Sigmar on the bow of one jumbo ship, make another jumbo ship all orcified and looted; and then have the ships locked together and fight a small WFB boarding action between Orcs and Empire troops on the ship's decks?  Or is that just me?

  • Wow.  JTam's book collection is amazing, especially since it is so focused on its subject matter.  Berggeit's setup is impressively efficient and organized.  And Mr. Redford's space looks like a haven.

    They make me realize how messy my space is.  I really need to tidy things up so I can take a picture.

  • Here's mine...


  • @Hudson Adams 


  • @JTam  

    Thank you. I can at least attest that it's easier to have a dedicated desk for it rather than using the same desk where I do my homework and followed digital lectures (may or may not have been assembling miniatures during lectures).

    Yeah, I made the shelf with the sorter in mind.

    @Grumpy Gnome 

    I think that's the plus side of just starting in the hobby, not a whole lot to make a mess with 😂 Thoughts, it is currently a mess never the less
    @Hudson Adams 

  • Bit late to the party on this one, but I've repurposed an old writing desk that was originally a birthday present for my wife, but after a decade of taking a beating from house moves and kids, given the choice of throw it out or find a use, both my wife and my brother (also a wargamer) suggested I make it my little hobby space. 

    It's not much, but it's mine and it locks shut so curious little hands don't start opening paints or breaking models! 

  • @Chris Smith Right there with you.  All my miniature paints are kept in a locked tool box to keep little hands out of them.  My desk also folds down for space (and it makes a great space to hide most of my pile of shame).


  • @Chris Smith @Forrest Wentworth 

    Two ingenious solutions.  A genuine Thank You for sharing them.  I have a little one and I've been wondering how to get back at it with a inquisitive toddler about.  

  • @JTam The toolbox with a lock was a godsend for the stuff (like hobby knives) that I absolutely could not risk the toddler getting a hold of and the stuff (like my hobby paints and nicer paint brushes) that I really didn't want her getting a hold of.  Also, you would be amazed how many hobby paints you can fit on the tray in the top of a good sized toolbox.  You can also use cardboard (mine was from a diaper box) to make organizers/dividers.

    The other nice thing about a toolbox, especially if you have limited hobby space, is that you can store it in all sorts of places.  I used to keep it under the family desk before I got my own dedicated hobby space.

  • @Forrest Wentworth 

    Looks like this tool box is going to get repurposed.

  • Here's the German reference shelf:

    And some of the other periods are here:




  • @JTam  eh there's something incredibly satisying/enticing about seeing Osprey books stacked in a row. Makes you just want to browse for hours. Think it's got a lot to do with the Peter Dennis artwork. 

  • Tidied my workspace for the first time in a while so thought I'd join in on the action! 

  • @Kinjack  

    To your first post:

    I won't lie, I always turn to the inner color plates first when I get a new Osprey book.

    To your second post:

    What are you doing?  Nobody wants to post their work space after that ;)

    Nice set up!  Must be a pleasure to work on a project at that station.

  • OK, I'm going to post my closet of shame.  No one should be afraid to post anything after this:

  • @JTam  I wonder what the progression of '______  of shame' goes... 

    Pile of Shame < Closet of Shame < Garage of Shame < Aircraft Hangar of Shame ?


    I have to admit your pile definitely makes me feel a lot better about mine! 


    Is most of it built and painted in the boxes?

  • @Kinjack  


  • @JTam At least its organized.

  • My body is ready.