Dark Age Britain

  • Finished off my first 4 Late Roman Legionnaires that I plan on using as Romano-British soldiers. I also have some Irish that I am slowly painting as some adversaries for these dudes.  

    Still not that great at painting, but am getting better and making good progress. I just left the faces skin color because if I had tried to paint details I would have just made it worse lol. 

    I am definitely looking forward to the Goth sets coming out so I can make some unarmored Romans as well as Saxons to go along with these guys. 


    Onwards Men! The filthy Barbarians that said we don't need more Roman sets are that way!!

  • Well done for someone being a new painter. I too can't wait to see those Goths!


  • @Dalton McCormick Not bad at all. 

    If you did want to bring out the detail on the faces, have you considered experimenting with a wash?  From the picture, it doesn't look like you've used one, and they can be a really low effort and forgiving way to bring out some more detail.

  • @Dalton McCormick 

    They already look good!

    Forrest Wentworth is right that some washes or a dip is an easy way to make them pop.

    A dip and some shield decals and they would look awesome on the tabletop.

  • Nicely done! I agree with JTam to try out some shading. You don't have to go for the full Army Painter approach there are lots of ways to go about it. Some people even use Minwax or an ink in Future floor polish. I warn you that you'll go down a rabbit hole when you start researching it though! Well done! 

  • A great start!

    I heartily recommend Army Painter washes. Not the dip but the ones you brush on. Dark Tone (a black wash) for the metals, Flesh Tone (a red brown wash) for the skin, Light Tone (a sepia wash)  and your choice of the Soft or Dark Tone (browns) everything else if you want a warm tint to the colors or go Dark Tone if you want darker, colder colors. The green wash on green clothes tends to get lost. Same with blue wash on blue surfaces. At least in my experience. Your mileage may vary.

    But I guarantee washes will take your painting to the next level. Learning how to use washes and starting using a wet plalette both helped my painting improve by leaps and bounds. Well worth the effort.

    The dip wash from Army Painter is different from the washes in the small brush on bottles even if the color is marked the same. The dip has a strong odor and takes a long time to dry. I do not recommend it.

  • Thanks for all the tips guys!

    I actually do have a few of the Army Painter washes, I used the Light tone (or maybe Brown tone?) to dirty up the sleeves and hem of the shirts. I didn't use the Dark tone on the chainmail because I didn't want it too dark but looking back now that probaly would have been a good idea. I don't have a Flesh tone wash since I have stayed away from painting faces for the most part by only picking models with full face helmets 😂

    I have been meaning to order some different metallic paints for variation on armor/weapons and will definelty pick up a Flesh tone wash as well. 

    @JTam I am interested in getting some shield transfers but since there aren't any that fit WGA's shields yet I decided to go with a nice solid blue for now. 

  • @Dalton McCormick 

    I think these would fit:


    If you can wait, I think WGA might be coming out with their own:


    And again, they look good already.  Far better than the giant gray horde in my closet.

  • @JTam Nice Find!

    I looked online for some but apparently didn't look hard enough!

  • Hopefully you have not found my comments presumptuous or rude in any way, that was certainly not my intent. 

    I have found my figures look different in person compared to photographed so I suspect that is why a few of us thought you had not used washes.

    Art is incredibly subjective and the key thing is for you to like the figures.

    I have a mate that is an incredibly skilled painter, far better than me, but he prefers stronger highlights than I do. His painting is in a technical sense “better” than mine but I like my more subdued painting even if it may not look as good to others.

    And I would never have gotten better at painting eyes if I had not had another friend urging me to keep try. 

    With a black wash on the mail you will get some nice definition on the links. I also find with mail it works really well to paint it black and then dry brush with a dark silver metallic, AP gun metal for example or Citadel Lead Belcher. This more closely matches mail from my re-enactment days. And of course as Mrs. GG has just said to me, if your mail comes out too dark with a wash you can dry brush it to brighten the highlights.

    You can always add shield transfers later... I think  WGA will be making some given the poll they recently did.



  • @Grumpy Gnome No worries! You did not come across rude at all. Actually all the feedback is greatly appreciated. 

    They do look a little different in person vs the photos and I'm pretty happy with them except for the faces, but that leaves room for improvement!


  • Progress made on some of the Irish!

    I am pretty happy with how these two turned out and can confidently say they look even nicer in person.

    I used the Army Painter Flesh wash and am very happy with how they turned out. Makes me wish I hadn't already varnished my Romans, but there will be more! 

    Shirtless dude's name is Fionn and is rocking 2 right hands so he can dual wield for extra carnage. 


    Also picked up a Viking Farmhouse from 4Ground that will be some poor villager's home. 

    Its nice but the roofing "fur" needs some TLC and is all one piece when built so no way to use the interior for any gameplay. 

    I do plan on adding some extra sprue pieces under it to lift it up some so the door isn't as much of a Bonk hazard. 

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