Space Ape Kitbashing and assorted other space mans

  • For the hollidays I bought several individual sprues of WGA and assorted northstar kits for some wild kitbashing. I submit to you my first space chimp.

    Feel free to post your own scifi kitbashes as i am low key OBSESSED with kitbashing.

  • Nice touch with the fur collar. I recognize all the pieces other than that one. Where is it from? Removed from a cloak perhaps? Brilliant kitbash overall. 

  • Well done on this model!  The pieces look like they belong!

  • @Grumpy Gnome The collar and the left arm are from the Einherjar sprue and it fits perfectly. I think it may have been designed to fit other WGA kits intentionally.



  • Ah, Einherjar, one of the few sets I do not have yet. I really need to grab one. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • This makes me want to do a Death Fields heads sprue! 

  • @Hudson Adams  The head selection on the Stargrave sprues by North Star Are brilliant however I am sure there are some things WGA could do it add even more variety to everyone's kitbashing bits box.

  • This is a mad-house.  A MAD-HOUSE!!!

    The space-ape looks fantastic!  I like the way that the Cannon Fodder body works so well at suggesting a leather bomber-jacket over a flight suit, the Einherjar collar is a perfect touch for that! 

    I don't think I recognize that steampunk-style gun, but it's a fantastic match here, and I have a feeling some of those odder rifles from the Afghans or Lizard Men would fit right into the same steampunk aesthetic!

    Those Stargrave kits are tantalizing:  with only a handful of alien heads, it's just the tiniest taste of what we could do, but not enough to actually do it.  A head sprue that provides the variety and numbers to really go wild with would definitely be an exciting product, for me!  :)

  • Fantastic work! This hobby needs more random animal heads, imho.


  • Awesome.

  • @Hudson Adams you know. I have searched everywhere for 28mm chimpanzee heads. I've looked for 3d files and other model kits and it seems to me that there is a definite lack of availability for my ape based projects. 

  • @Hudson Adams a sprue or two of Death Fields heads for conversions would be absolutely amazing!

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