Some dark age Irish

  • I'm building and painting some dark age Irish, here are the first 6.


    The middle guy in green, has had his skin done with kislev flesh and no wash. And the guy with the cloak on the left has had his skin done with rakarth flesh. I don't particularly like either of those effects. So I am going to go with what I did on the other guys, bugmans glow, reikland flesh shade, cadian fleshtone, kislev flesh. But I'm going to go a bit heavier on the layering as I think it's too dark.

    Another lesson learnt is don't use skeleton horde as a shirt colour.

    My favourite guy is the slinger, I think goregrunta fur makes a great hair colour and I like the red on the shirt.

    You may spot the Victrix viking in the back, I swapped one of the shirtless bodies for him. He'll be some sort of leader, or just a better than average equipped basic bloke.

    I'm also thinking of trying to paint in the eyes, or buying some guilliman flesh and trying that out.

    Next up, if I persevere are another 6 Irish and some wargames foundry wildwest

  • Looking good!

  • Nice work.  Thanks for sharing a picture of your work.  Like the composition with the terrain in the background.

  • This photo sold me on the set. Now I just need an excuse to own them... Maybe a Frostgrave warband, or something. XD

  • Nice! These are very cool.

  • Next lot of Irish done

    The flesh was done with either kislev or cadian flesh tone followed by guilliman flesh contrast.

    I also tried to free hand a hawk on a guy like from Cobra Kai, safe to say I'm not there yet.

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