Latest topics vs. Latest posts?

Would you prefer 'latest comments' or to keep it as 'latest topics'?

  • Would the banner on the right which currently displays latest topics be better off showing latest comments/posts instead?


    Lots of the topics on there are 4 days old but there is new commenting going on it's just harder to find. When I'm on here I usually find myself scrolling through the subtopics looking for 1h, 2h, 3h ago posts etc. to read what people are talking about. 


    Just wanted to see what people thought about it : - ) 


    @Hudson Adams 

  • Frankly I think both would be nice. The screen has two sides, after all.

  • @Kinjack  

    I've definitely come around to your thinking.  A "newest posts" display would be more useful.

  • @JTam  Another convert! 


    Maybe @Hudson Adams can give us his opinion on the matter? 

  • latest comment all the way.

  • If the latest comment is possible, it would be lovely.

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