Turnip28 - 45th Bienenkorb regiment

  • Used the Prussian reserves to create two units of fodder (12 men in size each) for Turnip28 and as a bonus three units of Grogs/Brutes (six men each) using Victrix Middle Guard.

    Both are for my 45th Bienenkorb regiment, under the command of Graf Gustaf von Bienenholtz.



  • Looking suitably Turnipey!  Looking forward to seeing these painted. What is the white spackle looking stuff you used?

  • @JTam Thank you! The spackle is a flexible spackle filler with a texture effect. It's from Alabastine and comes in a tube.

    The Grogs will be painted dark blue with various patches of different blues, they are proud of their blue coats. Not sure yet about the fodder, perhaps a mustard colour as that's one of the heraldric colours of the regiment.


  • Never heard of Turnip28 but those minis look really cool. 

    Reminds me a lot of Sludge. I love gamesets that allow you to kitbash figs from whatever you want. 

  • @Kinjack Thank you! I heard that Sludge was inspired by Turnip but there are a couple of indie games that overlap in their aesthetics like Weald28 and Verrotwood. But yes miniature agnostic game sets are amazing.

    But in short, Turnip28 is set 1000 years after the Battle of Austerlitz. Plants, except root vegetables, died out. And the plants that remain are mutated, animals and humans that ate from them slowly mutate. The technology level is somewhere between Medieval and Napoleonic.

  • @Berggeit  

    Are you in the Netherlands?

    Did you design the regiment and it's colors, or is that from the rulebook?

    Their banner kind of reminds me of the commemorative Utah State flag.


  • @JTam Yeah I am. Yeah basically that stuff, just with some grit.

    The outline of the banners are from Max (the creator of Turnip), but the concept is my own. The central theme are rootbees and that's where I derived the colours from. The beehive is from medieval heraldry, the bees technically too but I modified those.

    Ow wow, curious.


    Here is some more heraldry:

    Gustav's personal sigil:


    Possible going to be used on shields:

    The heraldry of Gijsbrecht van Amstel (one of the four vassals of Floris V of Holland that kidnapped Floris on behest of king Edward I of England. The two had a very complicated relationship. Floris was killed when he tried to escape during the confusion when peasants attacked his captors). Going to use it for one of the snobs (commanders) (Rather interested in Floris V):

  • @Berggeit  

    Really cool stuff.  Great work on the banners.

    Thanks for then mini history lesson.  I just enjoyed reading up on Floris V.


  • @Berggeit looks cool! But I must ask, do you hand paint primer on or how do you prime over your grass tufts?

  • @Daniel Broaddus Oops, forgot to reply. I used a spray can.


    Also finished painting the miniatures

  • @Berggeit  

    Nice!  Thanks for posting the finished product! Suitably creepy for Turnip28.

  • Took a very long time but I updated my blog, included a post on these guys here.



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