New Set Announced: Early 20th Century Japanese!


  • @Hudson Adams

    Lots of bayoneted rifles, swords, a pistol, looking great so far, I don’t really know what’s up with the bedrolls but they seem to be a touch unpopular in comments and from what I have seen they seem like a 50/50 thing in the Russo-Japanese conflict and a little rare in the Boxer Rebellion though I am welling to be corrected on that if I am wrong. 

    If its an effort to hide the shoulder lapels/loops/things and fronts to make them Taisho-WW1-interwar usable Japanese I wouldn’t worry about that as it is only an issue from a perfectionist viewpoint due to the front pocket and lapels/loops/things, its quite likely older uniforms were in use at various points in WW1 and even the interwar period by the Japanese,  and I have not seen any crossed/overshoulder bedrolls for depictions WW1/Taisho era Japanese troops really (again not a heavy research thing and I could be wrong).

    Plus if you really want to do something like the Siberian intervention (which frankly they probably saw more ground action in than WW1 proper) it seems like one would really need to do winter dress instead of the summer uniforms which I think would be a mistake for the Boxer Rebellion at least.





  • Very cool!

  • I wonder if these could be used (or modified) to make Fengtian Clique Chinese with Japanese supplied kit. 

  • Please do not use the double blankets as shown. The basic uniform would be much more useful for several eras.

  • I finally found a historical picture of the double "bedroll"!

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