• Hi, always had a hankering to do a Border Reiver force... my Family Name is a Reiver one so it feels right,

    Do people think a bit of work could make conqusitadors into suitable foot for the period? There were some, they would surely have got off their horses to steal things :) The shileds are a bit posh, but otherwise/



  • With some of the bodies you could make it work. Interested to see what they do with the cavalry.

  • I did a super quick mock up.  You're right, that shield doesn't look right ;)

  • @Patrick Stoddart 

    A man after my own heart! 

    I made a pretty long comment on here about how a generic Elizabethan/Tudor infantry box would be huge for the hobby and cover so many armies.

    The Reivers looked much the same as English soldiers. Who looked much the same as Hapsburg Tercio infantry and all other European soldiers. 

  • Plus, Wargames Atlantic could probably use a lot of the sculpting work done for the conquistadors! 

    Maybe throw in a few more armoured figures and away you go. 

  • I'm trying to think of what you could use with the new horse box to get this idea on the road but I keep running into one issue. Who makes models in a position mounting a horse but doesn't sell them with the horse? you could green stuff legs or 3d print them is suppose. If youre ok with that effort I think that the new horse box mixed with maybe the perry mercenaries box would work well

  • After seeing images of the Conquistadors some Border Reivers in the same style would be amazing.

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