WW1/WW2 Cossack Cavalry

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    I previously wrote my thoughts on how one might be able to do WW1/WW2 Cossacks here:


    But I think that thread is getting too dense and it's a post lost among all the others.

    I am presenting the same ideas here in a seperate thread in hopes others will share their thoughts and contribute their knowledge.


    This a complex subject.  Every host had their own traditions.  

    But in GENERAL Cossacks could be broken into two main groups.  The Steppe Cossacks and the Transcaucasian Cossacks.  In WW2 the Steppe Cossacks generally wore standard RKKA uniforms and would best be represented by a generic RKKA Cavalry set.  The Transcaucasian Cossacks (Kuban, Terek, etc.) are the colorful ones.  

    I would suggest that a Cossack kit should represent Transcaucasian Cossacks for the following reasons:

    1.  They are the iconic image of the Cossack.

    2.  A kit representing Transcaucasian Cossacks can pull double duty for WW1 and WW2 Cossacks.

    3.  They lend color to an otherwise drab modern army.

    4.  They look baller as hell.  

    What did Transcaucasian Cossacks wear:

    The traditional uniform is the Chereska:

    The Bashlyk is the hood/scarf.  Commonly seen hanging down like a cape:

    In cold weather the wooly burka was worn:

    The Kubanka is the most common headgear:

    Complete ensemble:

    They were issued Sabres but often had the Nagaika dagger as well:


    Can one kit cover WW1 and WW2 Transcaucasian Cossacks.  I would say yes.

    WW1 Cossacks.

    WW2 Kuban Cossacks.

    Depiction of WW2 Cossacks.

    The kit would need some extra WW2 weapons (SMGs, maybe an SVT or DP28) much like the French WW1/WW2 kit.  Would also need extra heads in Papashkas hats (hairier and taller than Kubanka) for WW1.  (Also, can add variety to WW2 models.  Papashkas pretty much universal for WW1.  Kubankas prevalent in WW2, but Papashkas occasionally seen.)  


    Can this one kit also cover Cossacks in German service?

    Short answer yes.

    This is also a complicated subject however.  

    Cossacks in German service wore elements of German, RKKA, and traditional dress in a bewildering array of combinations.

    The most "typical" Cossack in German service is German tunic, kubanka, and maybe bashlyk.

    However full blown traditional wear was sometimes seen.  

    All the kit needs is kubankas with German devices on the front.


    Was the chereska, etc. really worn in combat in WW2?

    Yes.  Particularly early war.  I tend to believe it came to be used more as a dress uniform late war.  But it may have still seen combat use.

    (Crimea, 1942)

    I don't think that should deter us as 1. It's very suitable for early war.  2.  It's plausible for late war.  3.  Rule of cool.  Don't Napoleonic gamers usually have minis in parade dress?


    Victory Day Parade.

  • A WW1/WW2 Cosaack kit would of course also cover the interwar years.

    Polish-Soviet War: