Bases and rule sets

  • I was just thinking and wanted to see what other people are thinking. they announced the bases they will be selling a little while ago and I look forward to them. with luck, this means we might get some rules soon so we can have official games to go with the minis.

    If we do get official rules it makes me wonder if we will be playing with mass or skirmish combat systems. I'm personally fond of 10-20 unit skirmishes, but with the large army boxes, I think mass combat is what they would shoot for. I'm fairly confident death fields will get a system of its own, but for other lines it is less likely. 

    I imagine first empires, decline and fall, blood oaths, and renaissance could be placed together. this would be a mostly melee pre-gun or early gun system. classic fantasy has enough figures it could be it's own, but could also be placed in this category. 

    napoleons wars already have quite a few systems out there if i recall right. so it's likely not as high of a priority for this mind set. it could maybe even bundle with imperial conquests but not likely. and both will need to wait for more sets in the range.

    world war 1 and 2 would also probably need separate systems, but i recon those need to wait for a bigger lineup. 

    ideally, i'd want all the ranges to be bigger and have their own system, but i bet that just requires a lot more waiting at the moment. even death fields which i suspect is closest to a rules set probably wait for 2-5 more releases. I would suggest some sort of "universal system" to cheat the limits of company size and time, but universal systems rarely sell great. 

  • I think WW1 is the most fertile area for new games rules.  Other periods/genres all seem to one or two dominant rules sets.  Additionally, WGA's WW1 miniatures are to my mind their most unique and dare I say "Premier" line.  Certainly they own the 28mm WW1 plastic miniatures battle space.

    This thread conjectures on possible WGA WW1 box games:

    More importantly WGA reveals a WW1 boxed game is pending in the middle of the thread.

  • If WGA did a rules set to rival Black Powder and similar I would suggest the rules and "codexes" be more prescriptive.   Black Powder is all "You can do this or try this."  "You can represent a troop type like this, or maybe with this rule."  That's awesome and all, but it's not for everybody.  Other gamers want hard army lists and hard rules to represent specific units.  "Pooh, pooh," you say,  "Gamers should do their own research."  If that's what you like great.  Again, you're already catered to.  Other gamers are just getting into the era.  Other gamers have jobs and such that take up a lot of their time.  It puts more work on the game developers but it offers a genuine alternative to the existing dominate rules set.

  • I love me some rank and flank, block units fantasy gaming.  

    However, GW is going to be reintroducing the Old World soon, and that's going to suck all the oxygen out of the room.  Great time to make fantasy miniatures and square bases.  Less great time to put out fantasy rules.

  • This thread contains some discussion of historical/educational intro games/sets:

    For instance:  Imagine a Prairie Wagon and Settler Set, that includes a game map and rules.  Roll the dice and push across the frontier.  Whoops!  You stopped on the die of dysentery square.

  • Howdy, I'm new here and pretty exciyted about the possibility of a game developing around one or more of these lines, so I thought I'd add some feedback.

    I come from the skirmisher side of wargaming (Battletech in particular), but it was the fantasy roleplaying hobby that introduced me to the company. I bought the spiders and Lizardmen at a game shop for use in DnD, but the scifi bits got me intrigued and I ended up looking up the rest of the company's line, and kind of fell in love with the Grognards. 

    I hope whatever system comes from the company embraces the same eclectic range of genres and modularity that the miniatures enjoy.

    My impossible dream would be to have a simplified Core game book with a basic generic rules for Grand Scale and Skirmisher games, then each line would have supliments with rules appropriate for that setting (Magic options for Classic Fantasy, heavy weapons and explosives for the more modern settings, and what ever scifi bits needed for Death Fields), maybe a small pdf rule supliment for the box sets too. I am  thinking something more along the scale of One Page Rules rather than Warhammer. 

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