find those parts

  • so my friend shuffled through my wargaming box and made thisso my friend shuffled through my wargaming box and made this. It actually turned out kinda cool I might make extras and put them with my death fields sets counting them like a scarecrow unit. and fun enough all wargames Atlantic parts so I wanted to challenge yall. can you figure out which set each of these parts came from?

  • Hi Brother, it's a little hard to make out the details.

    What kind of camera are you using?

    If it's regular camera, if you use the Macro button/mode (flower symbol) you might be able to get a clearer picture.

    If you're using your phone, try touching the screen over the miniature in order to focus on it before pressing the take picture button.

    Any light you can introduce via window or lamp will help too.

  • @JTam it's some usb camara it's the best i got but i'm not the best with technology. It's supposed to auto focus but I find it doesn't work great. let's try again

  • @david phillips 

    I'll give it a try.

    The head is obviously from the Grognard kit.

    Cape from the Irish?

    A musket or rifle with spike bayonet on the base... Prussian?  

    Not sure on the rest.

  • @JTam you got most of it the rifle is also grognard, the cannon looking thing on his face is an arm meant to attach to a weapon from einherjar, and the staff they are attached to I think came from the Romans

  • @david phillips 

    Ah, I see it now!  The rifle is fairly space age.

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