Feedback and suggestions for future lizardmen kits (with conversion pics)

  • So, let me first start off by saying I really like the over-all design of the lizardmen. I like the asthetic, and I like how they are a very different take on the concept from Games Workshop. It's a big win in many ways.

    But there are a few ways I think they could be better, and should there ever be a second kit, like Heavy Infantry, I'd hope that some of these suggestions might make it into the final product.

    1) Tails!

    My only real negative with the kit is regarding the tails. The tails in the kit do not mesh well with the rest of the lizardmen's body design, and it almost seems like they were designed with a different kit in mind, given how poorly the scaled area on the back of the lizards meshes with the scale design on the top of the tails.

    It would also be fantastic to get a few more tail poses- as a change in the tail is a really easy way to give different lizardmen in the same stance a very different feel for over all pose.

    Above is an example of some conversions I'm working on, having found various bits in my bits collection to give a couple of lizards different tails. (two of the tails come from the horns of some big GW monster, the long tail from some GW Medusa style character that I was never going to use.)

    You can also see how much better the tails look when the mesh with a back that has the same scaled pattern. A much nicer, more coherent look. And while yes, clearly some putty and work can get me the results I want, it would be lovely to not have to do it 20+ times.

    (It's also frustrating looking for alternatives to the super straight "raptor" tails, which I find to be the lease useful pose of the three tails given. Myabe it's jut my opinion, but I think the models look alot better with tails that have some movement and flow.)

    2) Weapons and Shields, and Shield Arms

    I can understand the limited selection on weapons that was given in the set as is, to make it a versatile kit for both fantasy and sci-fi, but something that i think would give the lizardmen as a whole greater legs would be a larger fantasy weapon selection.

    Or at least, if nothing else, some better left arms for holding shields!

    Here's a few example of the lizardmen armed with spears and shields, one with a polearm, and one with a sword and shield- I think that the alternate weapons (along with tails to break up the poses) really make a goot kit even better, and I'm still playing around with shield options as to what design I like best - though these two are the ones I think pair best with the lizzies from those in my collection.

    That said, the kits really just have one decent shield arm per sprue, and the 'ocarina' arms making an okay second shield arm with some work.

    Similarly, I'd love to be able to make a larger proportion of my lizardmen into swordsmen (particularly since it seems I have already lost one converted sword arm to the vacuum cleaner #cry) but the kit has a lack of them. Which is a pity, as I like the design of thier swords quite a bit.


    That's really the whole of it- tails that mesh better with the back of the lizardmen, and in a greater variety of poses to help vary the over pose of a limited sumber of lizard bodies - and a greater selection of weapons and shields. Or at the very least, a greater number of left arms suatible for hold a shield.

  • Great write up.  Good points/feedback.

    Well done on the putty work on the back.  I hope you will be able to post more pics when you get paint on them.

  • Excellent points. I think some sort of follow up support box would sell well and address those issues brought up.

  • @JTam Certainly! Hard to say on when eactly that will be, as a couple of the character pieces are taking a while to find the right bitz for, and then once they are found doing the right sculpting to make them mesh together, which is not the easiest, or fastest work for me ;)

  • @H M Do you have a pic of an unenhanced lizardman next to one of your guys? I Had considered getting some lizardmen for fun but just havent gotten around to it... In your army are the lizard gusy with bigger tails the leaders? More popular with the ladies? :) Just teasing. Your guys look pretty cool. 

  • @William Redford I don't at the moment - you see I bought just a couple of lizardmen sprues off a seller on Ebay to test out how much I like them before making the plunge on a full order, and as a test to see how much I might like WGA kits as a whole. I've only got 9 lizardmen, and they've all been modded up back wise. There are some pics out there though.


    Edit: That said, thank you!


  • I especially agree that I'd love to see some additional weapon/arm options, and for both fantasy and sci-fi, including some off-hand weapons - a lizard-man warrior duel-wielding a ray-gun pistols and swords, for example, would look right at home in the sort of John Carter style Venusian jungle hell I picture these guys warring through. 

    Gear for a Lizard-priests, too, with the ancient tomes and great seals needed to hold back the rising tides and erupting volcanos of lost Lemuria among the waves, to preserve the doomed continent for yet a season longer.  

    Maybe some new heads, too, like one for some crowned Lizard-Kings.

    Maybe some legs and torsos posed for Lizard cavalry or Lizard chariots?  (What strange sort of beast from pits of the Hollow Earth or the swamps of Darkest Venus might Lizard Men use as their beasts of war?  Dino-beasts?  Giant snails?  Crab-strosities?  Amorphous shoggoth horrors?  Decadent mammalian animals bred from the most fevered nightmares of a Bosch, Giger, or Dali?)


  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    Enjoyed that whole post.

    This particularly:

    Love the Hollow Earth series.

    An audible version is free for a lot of Burroughs' works:

    Really makes a long drive more pleasant.  I suppose you could listen while painting as well.

  • Own the kit, probably best non-human I have (most fun to build anyways),  I think the tails they come with are okay though I would love some curled up chameleon tails, and maybe some dragonmen heads. 

    As to shields, another sheild arm or two would be good but I would be okay with just outsourcing the shields themselves (there is going to be a whole sprue of round Drak sheilds on WA's site alone along with plenty of sets both historical and fantasy that have shields without even bringing up other companies like Reaper,etc.) 

    For Weapons though you do have an arguement, some more one handed melee weapons would be good as would a halberd or two. Plus given the VSF game race this set was clearly intended for I would really, REALLY, LIKE TO SEE SOME Dreyse Zündnadel Needle guns in the hands of the scalies and maybe some German pistols (particularly now that my copy of Freelancers skies over Tolindia has come in).

    Edit: also I agree they should do more sets with them, though I am thinking heavy armored troops that  can be used for fantasy and Sci-Fic

  • Great suggestions@Yronimos Whateley!

  • Time for an update!

    I've been able to grabsome more time to work on the lizards, and am happy with thier progress. I've made a final choice on shield design, a decision based on the combination of A) I like how different the design looks from human shields, but also looks like *maybe* it is a sensible design for a 6-7 foot lizardman. and B) I have a decent number of them, enough to flesh out a small phalanx. (The bigger question is actually if I have enough victrix spears!)

    However, it's not just the phalanx that's been worked on! I've also been working on the characters - one of them a noble type commander/overseer/taskmaster who has grown somewhat pudgy and yet no less lethal from his position, as well as a standard bearer who remains sadly, standardless as I dont have any banners or toppers that seem right.

    There is also the 'long tail' lizardman, making his return- most his development has been scultping more scales running down his back, but i'm curious as to if any one has opinions about the shoulder armor. I'm going back and forth about how much I like it. I will say that it helps give him a very different feel from the others, which is nice as he's a complete one-off. I dont have any other tails like him, so I kind of picture him as something of a 'mountain lizard', traveling through this kingdom on his way through the world- a reptillian version of Conan, perhaps.

    and one last image of the noble and the barbarian with a frostgrave conversion- which will hopefully help people out who are curious about the lizardmen's size, but also show why I mount them on blocks of plastic - I trim down the bases of figures that have them, and mount those that dont as doing so provides a really great way to base them where the minis are really standing on the ground, as opposed to slightly sunk into it.

  • About time for another update!

    My freehand skills aren't great, but I'm loving how these guys are coming out. I'm not sure how i feel about the shield color, but I want the shields to tie into the loin cloth on the commander. I'm just not sure how best to do that yet.

    The lizards aren't totally complete yet - the two characters have some shoulder armor from a GW kit that have yet to be added, and I may use a GW shade paint to darken up the ground color before i start adding plants. Likewise the banner bearer still awaits the day for when i can find a proper banner, but who knows when something i like will fall into my hands, lol.

  • @H M Wow. those look really great. 

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