Giant Spiders Assembly Instruction Video

  • Firstly I think the WA Giant Spiders are great! However I felt that some extra instructions could have been really helpful when first facing the sprues out of the box so I created the video below, hopefully people find it useful for assembling their own spider horde.

  • Great atmosphere! Thanks for the video. I haven't done these ones, but they are taunting me at my favorite game store, so I know I'll have to sometime.

  • @Red Bee I find that people love finding something to grumble about - the spiders aren't that challenging to assemble and they paint up nicely. You get more than enough in one box to make a decent sized swarm.

  • @Olympian Gamers The only grumble I have with the giant spiders is the way they stand so high off the base, actual spiders are much lower to the ground. I suppose this is a function of the moulding process. I am reserving judgement until I get some of my goblins assembled, and use the ride the spider torso!

  • I, for better posing slightly bend main support legs and cut part of their base for some spiders and for some others just straight foward main support legs at different angle than required, with no mini bases.

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