General Accoutrements speculation

  • So.. a new line means new speculationright? What all are you expecting to fall under this line?

    I'm guessing we'll eventually get an Undead set or upgrade sprus through this line. Zombies, Ghouls , Vampires, and Mummies are cool noatter what time.frame you put them in. You could go with fairly generic dress, or just some heads and twisted limbs and gore chunks on a sprue to add to what ever set you want.

    Terrain seems like the next obvious step. Some trenches, sand bags, and fortifications could be a nice generic pieces that could get a lot of use in different games.

    Final speculation: this forum will get renamed to General Accoutrements, because that would be rad.

  • I would say that an upgrade sprue for tbe undead would be better in the fantasy line, but I am very excited for this line.

    Probably the farm animals box, some carts maybe, and some scatter terrain would be awesome. 

  • Scatter terrain would be cool, but I think terrain would be its own line if they went that way. I think WGA would slay peoples wallets if they did a range of plastic trenchworks, every historical and 40k Guard player I know would throw money at that.


    Id love to see a sprue of Pidgeons, I could use them as proxy voxcasters for my Krieg army for that WW1 vibe. 

  • You'll see another one in a couple hours ;-) 

  • Maybe farmers/field workers? Generic clothing and tools, baskets, maybe harvested crops... Seems like it could fit in with fantasy and historic ranges, from iron-age to maybe WW2?

  • @John Eveson 

    Plus 1.

    There's some ideas on how a plastic trench line could work here:

  • @Red Bee 

    I like the idea of a zombie head / arms / hand sprue.

    I'm shopping around now for what zombie sprue I'm going to get to convert some Napoleonic zombies for Silver Bayonet with..... knowing that I won't be using any of the bodies.  (Using some WGA 95th Rifles as the bodies / bases.  Maybe Sean Bean died even in that show.)

  • Based upon the current releases in it and the only current extra sprue being in death fields, it'll probably not expand to include stuff that could fit in other categories.

    Animals and animal acsessories might happen, though.

  • @Red Bee

    Pretty sure undead would just be classic fantasy, I think this range is more for things like every era horse carts, animals and generic terrain. Toy soldier wise at the very most I would except to see in this range would be things like the  “plate cuirass armor with pants and pull on boots” and “tunic with bare legs” generic torso sprues and even those might be better elsewhere.

  • @Jay Holman

    Yeah, no. Farmers, and for that matter civilians in general are not really "generic" and never will be. In the 17th-19th centuries alone they seemed to changed constantly and there are some real clear regional differences. Rice farmers in Warring states China look completely alien from their Greek farming counterparts of the same timeframe and both would look almost outlandishly different next to Dark Age Northern European farmers who in turn are different from HYW farmers from the same nations (you know the differences between the light unarmored warriors in different cultures and time periods, whelp farmer are the same class of people as those warriors often with the same clothing minus armor bit maybe up till the 17th-18th century for Europe).

    Frankly it’s amazing that current suspender overalls stereotype farmer from the mid 19th-century is still sort of a thing in the modern world.

    It’s more likely going to be farm animals (since we saw renders for them) or wild animals if it is not terrain.

  • @JTam

    Well if you are in the US I actually have some (read way more then I will actually use for my own undead conversions) plastic zombie arms and head parts I am welling to trade  made by Zclipz studio miniatures, though given how the WA's heads work I would look at mantic's KoW fantasy undead sets for Zed heads for WA conversions.

  • @John Eveson I may be one of a dozen people in the world that still plays Battletroops. Scatter terrain would be amazing for me.

  • Boxes. Pack mules. Ammo crates. Munitions piles. Spent bullet casings/ discarded mags. Barrels (wood, and metal oil barrels/ jerry cans) treasure chests. Market produce. Doors? Furniture, street debris and refuse....that kind of stuff? Oh, and shields, flags, banners, skulls, hand weapons. I'd like to see the WA version of the 'terrain sprue', too, for yummy scratch-building gubbins and greeblies. Unless they do a full-on dungeon or sci-fi floor tile/walls range...

  • The new line does seem to be named "General Accoutrements" and a link for it appears now on Wargames Atlantic's main page, and these would seem to be the things I know of that have been teased/revealed that seem to fit it or seem confirmed to be in it:

    • The new horses set (the preview of the box art icludes the range name "General Accoutrements"); this set seems to be suitable for a variety of uses both in fantasy, and across history (they seem fine for simply-equipped cavalry from the Dark Ages, all the way up to Victorian-Era Plains Indian tribes.)
    • Reasonably, any of the other horse sets previewed/discussed by Wargames Atlantic could fit in this range - I think we saw some previews of armored horses, for example, that could fit, and a sample screenshot of part of what looks like a WWI cavalryman's saddle.
    • We've seen previews of some farm animals, which don't seem to be an April Fool's joke or anything like that, which would fit quite well into this range.
    • The freshly-revealed bases set (The preview of the box art also contains the range name, "General Accoutremens").  These would work with any of the other ranges (and pretty much any wargaming or RPG figures made by other companies!), and don't really have anywhere in particular they fit, so "General Accoutrements" it is :)


    With the two known upcoming sets that seem to be in this range being some fairly broadly-useful horses and bases, and another likely set in the range being the equally-broadly useful; farm animals set, I think we can expect "General Accoutrements" to be the umbrella to cover multi-purpose sets that work equally well for fantasy, historical, sci-fi, and other purposes without really fitting well in one particular category, and possibly sets that span a great deal of history and similarly don't fit comfortably in a specific historical or genre range.

    Some other things Wargames Atlantic might do that could fit here:

    • Wargaming rulebooks - especially general-purpose rules (WGA has mentioned that these may be on the menu in the near(?) future!)
    • Templates, rulers, protractors, dice, movement trays, and other sorts of wargaming accessories (no word from WGA on anything like this being planned, but it doesn't seem impossible this sort of thing might be produced or sold alonside bases and rulebooks....)
    • Setting and lore guide books (no word from WGA on anything like this, either, but Death Fields and the Classic Fantasy ranges seem to beg for fleshed-out setting or guide books!)
    • Perhaps some accessory sprues might fit here, but mostly (IMHO) general-purpose accessory sprues that don't seem to fit anywhere else in particular - things like bedrolls, belt pouches and gear, tools, misc. gear, backpacks and the like might fit here, if they are generic enough; sam ewith spare heads and arms that might work across genres.
    • Scenic items and some vehicles might also work here:  buckets, barrels, camp gear, tents, wagons, carts, and the like can work for both fantasy and historical purposes, and often didn't change very much in style and craftsmanship over centuries.  Sandbags, steel drums, and jerry-cans won't look out of place in 20th century war or in Death Fields...



    As for other new ranges, it looks like we've got a couple of them coming up:

    • The Release Schedule has been mentioning a "First Modern Set" for a few weeks now - WGA has been teasing bits that seem appropriate for such a set (including what looks like a modified A.L.I.C.E. pack, and I believe a preview at one point of an AK-47), and a new Modern range to cover it seems pretty much a given. 
    • The figures for the 0200 Hours game might fit into the "Worlds Ablaze" range, but it might be given its own category as well, like the "Ironcore" range, or some of the figures produced under other partnerships were (there used to be some satyrs, fauns, and centaurs that had their own Range header.)
    • The upcoming "Warring States" sets might be stretched to fit "First Empires", but seems more appropriate for its own Range.  (I seem to recall these are produced for someone else, which might mak them even more likely to have their own range?)
    • An "Alternate Scale Test" - I'm not sure what that means yet, but it seems likely to be a product for a new range.


    I'm not an insider, though, so these are only educated guesses.  I think I'll be just as surprised as anyone by what WGA does next.  Looking forward to it!  :)





  • you mention terrain in your speculation what I would really like is some hexagon locking tiles like heroscapes did before they went under. if they shrink them into roughly the 25 millimeter size then don't just sell straight sprues, I think they could launch them fairly cheaply. but also the fact that I can't find the terrain style except for ebay and 3dprinting groups means there might be some hurdle I'm unaware of

  • I think the most common hurdles are economic matters:  do enough people buy the product, to make up the expense of producing it? 

    Sometimes, that comes down to bad implementation, or bad marketing, or misreading/overestimating customer interest.

    I have to think that in at least a few cases, though, the hurdle is complicated by a good idea turned into a good product, made ahead of its time, with the producer going out of business or the product being otherwise retired before it really had a chance to shine.  In those cases, I think that customers eventually come around, and interest in the product grows, but only after it's too late.

    One example that comes to mind for me is the Ironcore product line:  it was produced for a short time by someone other than Wargames Atlantic, and then went out of production, until Wargames Atlantic started making them again.  I have a feeling the Ironcore vehicles, mecha, and accessories would be more popular now than they were back then!  (Certainly, I wasn't in the market for them back then, but have come around to appreciating them since then.)


    Might be much the same case with the hex scenery:  it might have taken a bit longer to start catching on than the producer counted on, and they went out of business before the product found its audience....

  • @Yronimos Whateley yeah the first bit is just kinda business. as for how it applies to the hex scenery it failed for a different reason. they over-expanded and did a lot of licensed products and it ended up making sets too expensive to maintain the audience. 

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