Aztec Sprue shot

  • We dont have one in the shop. I snapped this crappy one but figured i would posted in case anyone was interested. 


  • Thank you!

  • Thank you for posting this - I'll definitely be getting a box of these, but I might have to do something about the heads - not sure what the reasoning is behind the "plug in" hair

  • @Olympian Gamers  Agreed on the heads.

  • I'm currently assembling some Oathmark "goblin" wolf riders with their silly foxtail plumes, and I trust them even less than the tails on warhammer 5th edition elven horses. These connections however look much more sturdy, at the cost of versatility. Some compromises have to be made I guess.

  • @Olympian Gamers it's not hair, those are a form of crest that were attached to the helmets. Which by the way, historically, were carved from wood.

  • @Lord Marcus Apologies - hard to make out the details in the OP photos.

    Whilst accurate for Aztecs, that might somewhat limit thier potential for uses in other settings - looking forwards to buying a box and finding out!

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