Goblin with a touch of scify

  • I got some goblins and the death fields upgrade sprue. I kit bashed them a bit and changed the skin color to red and now I have a fairly interesting set of space goblins

  • The lizards have competition!

  • Nice!  

    Maybe with different weapons they would fit right in on Barsoom.

  • I've not painted them yet, but I've got some of the Oathmark goblins assembled with some sci-fi weapons, they work pretty good that way.  I'd never thought of using them for a Barsoom style setting, even though I've been wanting to try working out a miniatures game in that setting for quite a while!

    Since I'm thinking of it, it seems like the WA lizard-men would fit right in to such a setting (I've been thinking of them as denizens of an Old Solar System Venusian jungle-hell), the giant spiders (unearthly Leng Spiders imported from distant Yuggoth on the Rim), and the Wargames Atlantic Aztecs or upcoming Egyptians as Martians of various sorts - just add bits from the Death Fields weapon sprues....

    Add in some assorted Lovecraft monsters - Reaper has some decent plastic ones in their "Bones" lineup, including Mi-Go, Gugs, Dark Young, Shoggoths.

    From there, it's just a matter of filling out the details on how Earth factions fit it - the sort of astral projection that seemed to be the case for John Carter in the original Barsoom novels?  Victorian "steampunk" style super-science, as in H.G. Wells or Jules Verne, via interplanetary big gun shells, weird antigravity ray technology, or the like?  Stargate style interplanetary portals?  Whatever the case, the Death Fields "Grognards" and upcoming "Bulldogs" look like they would make fine pulp-era Earth factions.

    See also the plastic gunfighters for Great Escape Games' "Dead Man's Hand" (which kitbash nicely with Wargames Atlantic's accessories and kits), and Wargames Atlantic's French Resistance partisans for some "civilian" adventurers; Reaper's plastic Bones "Chronoscope" steampunk, weird west, Cthulhu investigators, alien, and other pulp/scifi figures also make for fine hero/villain characters (there's even a great "Martian Warrior-Princess" character in that product line - not yet in the online catalogue, but created as part of a recent Kickstarter, and likely to be available on the usual auciton sites.)  Reaper also makes some nice larger-sized monsters in their Bones plastie miniaturs line - your mileage may vary on how well they'll work for Old Solar System pulp-style alien monsters and mounts, but there's a nice start in there somewhere.


    Trickier things to source would be some appropriate robots, vehicles, and spacecraft - I don't see many appropriate steampunk or older pulp-stye vehicles or spacecraft, but appropriately retro "mechanical man" style robots do appear from time to time (there are a handful in Reaper's Chronoscope line, and Reaper makes a few nice metal ones, too, and wouldn't be the only company making decent metal examples!)


    Anyway, great fun seeing some goblins armed with sci-fi stuff!  I hadn't thought of trying that with WGA's goblins, due to the difference in the way the arms fit!

  • @Yronimos Whateley This forum needs a “love” button alongside the “like” button for comments like your Barsoom one above.

    @david phillips Using red for the skin tone is a great idea!

  • @Grumpy Gnome Completely unrelated to this thread but We also need a "laugh" button.

    @Yronimos Whateley Barsoom huh. Yeah I could see that working out with WA's stuff.

  • Yard ago I tracked down TSRs Warriors of Mars to complete my OD&D era collection. I've not really touched it since then. This is really making me want to dig it up and see if anything is salvageable.

  • If you are looking for miniatures for Barsoom you need to check out Bronze Age Miniatures in the States.  I have the whole of the Tarks collection which are magnificent miniatures (and properly sized at 54mm).  His martians IMHO are the best available.  

    I am in Oz so buying from the United States is no longer an option as there is little or no postage between the two countries, and what there is aint attractive.  I am so glad WGA decided to open a store here in Oz...you guys rock.

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