Cannon Fodder Flamethrower Conversion Tutorial

  • I've really enjoyed the Cannon Fodder kit.  The thing is, I remove the bayonets and cut down the guns so they look more like pulse rifles instead of lasguns.  The thing is, without bayonets, the bayonet charge arms are just silly.  The other thing is the Cannon Fodder only come with one special weapon and I wanted a flame thrower.  So ... two birds with one stone.

    I started with the bayonet charge arm.

    I then removed the extended barrel, bayonet, magazine, and pistol grip.

    After that, I trimmed away the top bit of the gun so I can put a more flame thrower appropriate tube in place.

    After looking at some old flamethrower pictures I put together the flamethrower tube by cutting out some of the thinner frame from this area:


    And whittling it down to a tube.  The nice part about taking it from that area is the nubbins can also be whittled to the larger shroud for the tip of the barrel.  If you're going to do it, this is the easiest point to drill out the barrel shroud.

    Glue the shroud to the tube.

    Then glue the tube to the rest of the weapon.

    From there I take the larger frame tubing from the body sprue.

    I cut the tubing into three equal parts and rounded off the edges to make them fuel tank shaped

    then glue them together to form the fuel tank backpack.

    I then glued them to a body.  NOTE: it is much easier to prep the gun and backpack for the tubing before you attach them to the body.

    After that I cut a paper clip to the appropriate size to serve as the tubing from the tanks to the gun.  And then I super glued it into place.  This is much easier if you prep the back of the gun and the fuel tanks with pin holes that wil fit the paper clip. You can use a pin or a small nail to make the hole.  (NOTE: I failed to prep a hole for the paper clip so I had to build it up with a little plastic)

    After that - prime and paint.  I'll edit and post a painted picture once I get around to finishing that part.



  • Love it!  I save all my sprues for the all the potential bits you can make from them!

  • Waste not, want not.  Effective conversion.  Thank You for sharing it.  Like the paperclip hose.  Did you then coat it with green stuff?

    Looking forward to the painted pictures.

  • A nice conversion of the basic CF rifle - and the tanks on the back really help sell it!  A nice, simple conversion, and a great tutorial - great work!

  • @JTam No green stuff involved.  It was a green paper clip.😀

  • That is an awesome idea.

    There have been a few things using sprues I've learned on here I'll definitely be trying for myself.

  • I think I must a few of this weapons für my Eisenkern-Troopers... 

    Thanks, Forrest Wentworth for that great inspiration... 👍

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