Weird RPG idea

  • I have been putting my conquistadors together. I plan on using some in my pathfinder game. A little background on my game:

    I have been playing with the same gaming group for the last 10 years or so. We alternate gamemastering and each of us has our own favorite system and does our own campaigns. Mine is pathfinder though it started in 3.5...


    Anyway, there is a reoccuring enemy called the Theocracy. The setting in equivalent to 1500's/1600's europe. The Theocracy is kind of like the Holy Roman Empire combined with the vatican. They abhor magic and consider it evil and love and seek out technology (fire arms, steam mech like Iron kingdoms) and utilize slave labor from conquered people. 


    Anyway, putting together my conquistadors (who will be Theocracy in my pathfinder game) I searched Ebay for some artillery. Which led me to find some 1/72 conquestadors and imperial soldiers. Now these would lookd silly next to my conquidstadors... unless... I was thinking of making a unit of them. My players will think they are gnomes or other small folk conscripted by the theocracy... but in reality they are young boys like 7-10 year olds... as sort of a junior scouts unit. Like the boyscouts. Not meant as a combat unit but more to "toughen the boys up" kind of thing. I forsee ,my party killing this enemy then being shocked and dismayed that they killed children... I kind of just want to mess with them as they have been on a pretty good win streak when facing Theocracy units and are getting cocky. here are some images of the 1/72 minis i am thinking of... 

    What do you guys think? is it worth messing with my players? both sets are like $16 so not a major expense... I am thinking more is it worth messing with them? :)

  • Clever idea. I am reminded of the Cadet charge scene in Horse Soldiers.



  • @Grumpy Gnome Havent seen that movie... but I am a John Wayne fan, so its on the list now. 

  • Well, I bought them... now debating if I should put them on 25mm rounds like the adult conquistadors or on 20mm rounds to represent they are small.

  • Depends, do you want to represent their reach, or their size? 25mm might be a nice nod to the surprise that their kids that they are fighting.

  • @Red Bee Thats true... as halflings in my game are small but on 25mm bases...

  • Don't know about whether it'll make a good surprise in your game, but Gnome/Halfling/Pixie Conquistadors sound kind of awesome.

    There are some inexpensive 1/72 scale soft-plastic artillery and crew sets out there, too - mostly Napoleonic, but if you look around, you can find some from the 30-Years' War (1600s) which would probably not look very far out of place among 1/72 scale conquistadors (1500s), especially in a fantasy setting.  (One of the first search results I found was a Mars 30-Years' War imperial artillery set that included a couple mortars, gun crews, a gnome-sized wagon and horse team, though you might get more mileage by substituting some fantasy creature for the tiny horses - or not, why wouldn't you find those extinct tiny breeds of horses like merychippus in a fantasy setting?  There's also a Mars 1/72 Swedish artillery set that includes cannon and crewmen, although the costumes are gonna look quite different from the conquistadors....)

    Also, if it helps, Reaper makes some great 28mm plastic hooded figures that would surely work great as an inquisition (see "Brother Hammond, Traveling Monk" and "Cultists and Circle".)  Nobody expects....



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