Today and Tomorrows war.

  • At 67, I've been wargaming one way or another, for at least 62 years, gone from Cowboys and Indians, to Space Invaders. I have used, coins, draughts, and any thing else available to represent what I imagine on a board. Now I`d like to play skirmish games in our modern times, and into the future. I`m hoping that the modern range soon coming from Wargames Atlantic will finally give me these games. Yes there are metal figures out there, doing the job, but prices of some and quality fall way short. Boston Dynamics and others are showing where robotics are going in warfare. If Wargames Atlantic were thinking of a game, it would be nice to consider this area and time periods, the fact that it can be moved very easily to pure fiction  is a bonus. Fims like Spectral, Gods and Men, and Outside the Wire, have all featured robotics, and  by introducing a box of models consisting of these type of robots, with a box of modern figures extends play.  A box of near future figures would also work well in the game timeline, along with a box of civilians, aid workers, and emergency services box. Six box of figures all able to be used separate or together.

  • The picture is from Outside the wire, and with the following, have given me soom good ideas.

  • Technologies most likely to be seen in near future conflict.

    1.  Aerial drones.  We are witnessing a revolution in warfare currently.

    2.  Hypersonic missiles.  I predict the demise of the super carrier in the next 25 years.  Sooner if we get in a real war.

    3.  "Mule robots" to help Infantry move equipment.  

    4.  Automated gun systems/robots.  Believe the South Koreans are already using some on the DMZ.


    5.  Exo skeletons to increase Infantry load bearing abilities/strength.  DARPA is definitely working on this.  The problem right now is the power supply/batteries.

    A good example of that is in a movie you may enjoy (certainly in a similar vein to the movies you mentioned) "Edge of Tomorrow."  A very enjoyable film.

    The Angel of Verdun demonstrates said exo skeleton.