Wasteland Nomads & Shanty Dwellers

  • To whom it may concern,

    Make wastland nomad scavangers and shanty dwellers. Give them a combination of gasmasks, hoods, and survival gizmos. Give them a combination of crossbows, lasguns, muskets, blunderbuss and sniper rifles.  All of these would be awsome and maybe even some room left for AK47s and curved crystal knives. I think everyone wants to see a freemen,  ash-land, scavenger, suvivalist, nomads, that could be from any corner of the galaxy or just Neo-Vegas. Just give them rags and respirators. Drop any culturally specifice or contemporary clothing desighns for just ambiguious hoods, cloaks, rags, respirator, gasmasks, and some hint of a still suit/vac suit underneath it all.

    If they can be Star Nomads as well, catcing a ride on the side of a hulk and then grav-chuting into the desert to gather spice, I wouldn't cry about it.  Of course re-entry might be a matter of generating a void shield cycle with an assending friction generator sail, but we won't get into the technical details of base jumping off orbital platforms here.   

    The relibility of lasguns makes sence for sci-fi desert nomads, and a combination of primative poverty weapons like crossbows, muskes, and long jezails makes the line between profeshional nomads and shanty dwellers fittingly ambiguous. 

    I imagine this type of mini would have its place in any wastland setting or pirate infested space port. I can think of a few out of print sci-fi armies that would benifit from this type of mini, as well as a legendary Hollywood blockbuster that is currently ongoing.

    After this you could probably make wind sail skiffs as easily as any heavy weapon team, for all those Commie Goblin and wastland players out there. If the line between these guys and space elf scouts becomes unclear as well then I would consider it a credit to your design (This probably requires some cool visors and ovel shaped stone jewelery or pendants... very understated). This could open the door to Raptor Riders or other lance wielding beast riding desert raiders.

    Embrace wasteland nomads and shanty dwellers. You can't go wrong with rags and gasmasks. 

  • ... and Muties!!! You just forgot about one of the most funky factions one can come across while roaming the Wastelands.

    Actually mixing Skitarii rangers with FG Cultists (one of the best bands around) with maybe some Genestealer Cult's Brood Brothers / Wastelands roamers and natürlich some Cannon Fooders crew and bits, is the best way to depict such colourful persons of interest. 

  • wastland diversity is the key. Are they Nomads, Shanty Dwellers, Space Elf Scouts, or Star Fey?

  • @Steven StGeorges 

    What are "FG" cultists?

  • @Eric Howanietz 

    Well timed idea.  Lots of exciting things afoot for wastelands nomads types.

    And if nothing else they are good for ambushing starship landing crews and sticking space leeches in their ears.



  • @JTam  

    FG stands for FrostGrave mon cher ami... the Cultist set is one of the most used for kitbashing over the community.

  • @Steven StGeorges 

    Ah, of course.  Thank You!

  • The GW Ash Waste Nomads are about to go on preorder:

  • GW has surprised me by making something I like. Too bad that I expect the price to be prohibitive. I have already started trying to convince Mrs. GG...

  • @Grumpy Gnome @William Redford 

    Second or even third hand my friends... A lot of buyers are going to quit -as usual- after a few weeks, so to sell their minis (primed or painted) asap. 

  • @Steven StGeorges Indeed. Though I am still looking for the Red Harvest Barbarians. When they announced that set, EVERYONE complained about how bad (or not human) the barbarians looked... So I figured I should be able to pick up a bunch cheaply once people get their copies and start dumping the Barbarians as was stated... Well. I am still waiting. :(

  • Two hundred ninety dollars is a CHUNK O Money.  

    Maybe if it goes for $250 from the online stores I can kind of rationalize it.  The GW big boxes are the only time their prices approach semi reasonable.  That's a lot of minis and terrain and templates and a rules book in the box set.  I'm sure separately GW would charge you 400 bucks or some such.  

    Additionally, I don't know if you noticed but $290 just ain't what it used to be.  In a year $290 went from I have to jigsaw my groceries to get them to fit in the trunk..... to the grocery cart isn't even full.  

    Rationalizations as I said.


    I have a friend who survived the fall of the CCCP.  Her Grandfather had some cash socked away and kept going back and forth on buying a dacha on the lake through the 80s.  He never bought it.  Then the CCCP collapsed and all that money that could have bought a cottage couldn't buy a weeks groceries.  

    I'm not saying buying GW box sets is sound financial advice.....  I'm just saying if things keep trending like they are $290 dollars is going to be worth more as toilet paper soon.  


  • Anyone have experience with these miniatures?

    They look suitably Waste Nomady....


  • @JTam Thats true... back in the day that was a lot. Now, its like... half a tank of gas...

  • @JTam  I have heard good things about the Maelstroms Edge minis, just have not managed to find any second hand yet here in Germany. I wish I had grabbed some before Brexit.

  • @JTam The Broken? No, I have looked a couple times. They have some neat robots I am kind of interested in. 


    So, speaking of which.. I was living in Indonesia when President Suharto was overthrown. He was onlt the second president (after replacing Soekarno) but he had been president since that time... so basically a president for life kind of deal. I actually taught his grandson (Didit) but that is a story for another time. 


    Anyway, before he was thrown out, the Rupiah was 2,300 to the $. The day after it was 11,700 to the $. So as you can imagine everything just kind of fell apart. The school I was working at (ILP) was shut down for nearly a month, and they had my passport... So I could not have left the country even if I had had the money to do so... So yeah I dont really sweat stuff like the gas increasing and other (temporary problems) having lived through it on a more intense scale. 

  • @William Redford Warcry's models are quite rare I may confess. Only seeing some for a few hours before they just disappear in smoke... to reappear on ebay or whatever-buy-me.com. Some folks are making a lot of money in the process as usual. 

    I am waiting for Necromunda models -from all editions- and a brand new (but primed) Delaque gang just appeared a few days ago. With a lot of vintage models from 2ed -but still no Heavy Bolter Orlock... argh.

    @Grumpy Gnome Some are very nice models while the rest are more mundane .. a pity the universe is so-so, so grimdarkish... a pity I told you. Even here, North of the Lines, I do have a lot of trouble to find some minis. 

    @JTam 290$US is quite a lot of solid bucks one have to spend on the spot.. with all the troubles I am facing now (inflation, gas price, pandemia, lawnmoving, telecommuting, kids, ukrainian crisis, and the current size of my leadpile to name a few), such a box is not my top priority... unless 

  • This is an excellent idea. It has potential to be a cross genre Sci-Fi/Fantasy set as well, like the Lizardmen. A few gun arms, a few improvised weapons. Some head options and mutated arms. Odd mutant body parts. 

    Your basic mutant/scavenger probably gets about in a ragged tunic. Leg wraps.

  • @Grumpy Gnome @William Redford @Steven StGeorges 

    From Spikey Bits:

    See!  You can save a $100.00 by spending $300.00!

    You can find the box set on Ebay right now for $254 shipped.  Although Uncle Sam is going to fu*k you at the drive through for about $22.00 in taxes.  

  • Even at $254 thats still more than I value my interest level at. Though, I may eventually pick up the Ash gang and bugs. May... I Think I may just look in to buying some Tusken Raiders on Etsy as that seems to be why i like them and where my real interest is, 

  • I can not see me getting these at full retail unless it was as a gift for a special occasion.... but GW is admittedly charging less than I expected.

  • @JTam Yes mate being of Scotiish origin, nice miniatures, very well priced over here, even selling seperaaaaaaaaaaaat spruuurs. Now ithink available over the pond with you, I like them the robots, drones, and Alien race are great.

  • Any thoughts on whether the Ash Waste Nomads are actually Eldar?  In the limited available fluff there's those who think their not human.  And in the first trailer they move inhumanely fast.... they are almost Fleet.


    Found these pics on the net where someone converted an Ork buggy into a ganger vehicle.