Salvaged Shadowkesh

  • I love Iron Core the Leviathans, the Space maps, APC, all of it Itook it all in and coppied as much info on the worlds and creatures, from the forum as I had time. Then after making file coppies for a computer change we mislaid the disc when we moved. Finally I`ve some info back, so here is the low down on the enemy. 

  • I`ve a six page PDF trying to send with this post, not yet quite got the hang of it, I need a child to do it. Geoff.

  • I have a few pictures too... 

    ... and  last one...


    I have a PDF with 8 pages, but I can not add a PDF here... I tried to rename it to JPEG, but that not work...

    I can make hardcopies tomorrow...



  • @Geoff Maybury @Frank Reischmann 

    Thanks for sharing these images/info.  I had no idea the Shadowkesh were so tall/big.  I kind of like it.  Certainly lends to their alienishness.  (Is that a real word?  It is now.)


  • Were those plastic  Shadowkesh models ever released? They look useful for a varierty of things. 

  • @William Redford 

    As part of some DFG KS in 2015 (?) as far as I remember it. Plastic or Resin do not know... but since WGA is going to release them -and the feral ones, just wait and check the news page 

  • @Geoff Maybury Try linking the url or sending screenshots of it.

  • @Steven StGeorges 

    I hadn't heard of the "feral ones" so went on a quick Google safari.

    And it looks like the Shadowkesh were plastic:



  • @JTam Hi guys, strugling to get these eight pages, I`ve got them on a PDF  and it looks like its going to be a swine to do. I`d say that Frank Reischman and myself have the same one of us must eventually make it. If not Eileeen will help me type it, it has a real back ground of this race, not only a breeding line from avians. But colour, speed, intelligance, weponary, even how they breath. Mark Moondragon really set them as a master race for is world

  • @Estoc We are trying all ways, sadly it could be my lake of computer skills.😕

  • To think of this race feral or Full Blood in combat imagine 8-9ft gaint with the speed of a cheeta gliding on scates. D20 system they would be total death at close range and those Lances fire a pulse as well as cut like an axe.

  • The Dream Forge Blog site is still up.

    Interesting stuff.  Learned a lot about plastic kit making.  Eighteen month lead time!  (At least if you are contracting out the actual manufacturer.)

    Some pics of Shadowkesh and an amazing hover Stug in different entries.



  • WOW... great new pictures...


    I want Shadowkesh an STUG... 🙏

  • @Frank Reischmann Is`nt she a little beauty, god he has areal talent for his models. As with his APC below.

  • His APC is even more stunning

  • The detail as with all is kits is amazing

  • Here`s hoping that Wargames Atlantic will do this range proud, it will be the only range I`ll bother with the attention to detail and practical study of fighting machines, by Mark is impressive. Cheers all Geoff.

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Great pics, I had forgotten how amazing the Eisenkern APC was.  1/2 SDKFZ, 1/2 Aliens APC, 1/2 Winning.

    Or expressed visually:




    I think the only thing that held it back is that since it was actually big enough to hold a 28mm dismount squad..... it was too big to really use as a substitute GW Chimera IFV.  

  • @Geoff Maybury

    I know... I have a lot of Marks Models... 🤣


    And thats not all... a few more troop-boxes and vehicles... 😇 ... not all finished and painted (shame on me)...

  • From  "Antenociti's Workshop" there ist a model called "ZEBU" klick me 

    thats like a little brother to the Iron Core Keilerkopf... that's mean in german "boarhead"... so I called this little brother "Frischling" - that's a babyboar in german...


  • @Frank Reischmann 

    Great find!  Really fits the aesthetic.





  • Blow the bugle, sound the charge. Got em.

  • This certainly has been one of the most hardest posts ever made by my wife and myself, and I certainly couldn't have done it without Eileen. Why they refused to be picked up from the PDF, I don't know and I suspect that poor Frank Reischman is as much at a loss as we were. Eileen and myself hope that you really enjoy these 8 pages as they bring life to one of Mark's major creations with only the magic he could achieve. Surely this will be one of the pinnacle races in Iron Core Cheers, Geoff.

  • Ohh... F...k....I forgot it... 🤬

    Sorry... to much easterdays... please excuse me...

  • You are excused my friend, god they were a trail. have you any more of Marks Info files, from the old blog?. Not all of mine made it to this computer, the old site although still up, but is missing so much of Marks universe storries. Sadly these are what makes Iron Core still loved, all these years later. It would be nice to tie them all to this forum in one commplete collection. Cheers all .

  • No, sorry... 😢

    Unfortunately, I am a latecomer to the Iron Core Universe and only became aware of it after the Kickstarter.
    I hope Mark starts his project again... it would be nice if there were books about this universe....


  • @Frank Reischmann Yes my friend that is one big wish of mine, Eileen and myself missed the kickstarter, and started when we were traders. We both fell in love with the Lieviathans, alien creatures every thing the web forum was brilliant.Sadly prices, stock. and scale, made trade orders difficult. With no rules, the youngsters wouldn`t buy, yes they were dear, but dam good. We brought no trade sales but I wanted my own to use with D 20 System, so I purchased the male and female 2 each infantry sets, and 4 mule sets. Painted up one set of each and waited for the opposition, the Shadowkesh, and waited and waited. This is were I believe the major mistake in sales occured, no opponents made. Great robot fighting machines, APC, Support Weapons, Valckries, but no one to fight them. With the original human figures being larger than my Shadowrun trolls, I sold the painted ones on news of the new figures release. I love the new female and male sets, can`t wait for a restock of male to make a new order.  Get em painted up ready for at last the Shadowkesh, now the only way is up. Cheers Frank., Geoff.   

  • It would be nice if Mark, as the creator of the IronCore universe, would comment on whether he intends to develop it further...

    After trying the Stug Kickstarter twice, he seemed very depressed in his posts, maybe he's lost interest in it... which would be a pity...

    I would buy more of his creations... 

  • @Frank Reischmann Don`t Know any real thing about Mark except that you can see from his designs and PDF Historys he is very talented. My thoughts and they are based 1, my age 67, 2, being around then in the industry so long before we retired. Are sadly one man even so talented can`t do it all, which is why what I brought, I got from other traders, this was for my own use only. My passion for Iron Core was great, it offered so much,but in adult, not GW ways.  Having had depression recently myself, I can think of no more a perfect start for it, than a failed kickstarter. A positive one can cause so much stress, Iv`e seen friends go down this path.  I`m not going to stop looking for more of my old PDF`s and asking friends. Cheers Geoff

  • Do we know if WGA got the rights to make any of these "in progress" designs? While i doubt they'd do the vehicles any time soom (especially the titans), but these shadowkesh aliens would be interesting if made by WGA.

  • @Mithril2098 WGA is in partnership with Mark Mondragon, which is why I expect that Iron Core takes longer to get into production than WGA's own IP once the process starts.  Vehicle wise, WGA have in the past said they have no plans for vehicle kits, although they have teased what could be an Italian WW2 tankette.


  • As Mark raises the Stug-Kickstarter he shows a 3D-printed model of it so I think there are STLs for the rest of the big guys... 

    I would pay 50€/$  or more for a STL of any of the vehicle kits... perheps this is an option to get the Stug or others...  I bougt a few STLs from "Antenocitis Workshop" for their great work... but acctually the page is down... :-( 

    Or Mark gives a shop (exp. My Mini Factory Ltd in UK) the right to produce the models in 3D so the STLs going not "in the wild"... 

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