North Star Knights

  • Got down to my last sprue of Einhenjar and  Ifigured I'd have fun. I ended up liking these so much I might have to pick up another box just to make the whole army themed.  

    Anyone know where I can get some cyborg Reindeer Minis to add to the force?

  • For some reason I can only get one photo to save at a time

  • Ok, that is... terrifying... I am picturing escaped mental patients... ala Silent Night, Deadly Night...  

  • @William Redford that's 100% the vibe I was going for with the Axe and dagger fellow. 

  • If you have the great spiders set  by Wargames Atlantic cut of the cyber parts from legs, and transfer to Ral Parth Deer set. Other manufactures do sets, but their set rocks.

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