Million dollar sprue idea...

  • Sprues with different generic Sci-Fi and Fantasy/Historical shoulder pads.  I'd buy 'em!  I got some shoulder pads from Anvil Industries and I've used them to not only add a little extra armor to my minis, but also to cover and mask shoulders that I've had to do funky things to for conversions and kitbashes.  Maybe an arm doesn't fit perfect, or I've had to make a cut, or I had to turn it to fit a pose and then fill in the resulting gap with green stuff or baking soda.


    Shoulder pads'll cover that hack job right up!  You could even throw in other little pieces of generic armor and kit, but shoulder pads are the mini customization MVPs as far as I'm concerned!



  • While I am not a huge fan of shoulder pads/pauldrons I think they are something that would sell well.

  • I'm down.

    Maybe include some cloaks/capes on the sprue too.  Some cloth, some fur, some reptile hide.  Some capes with an center notch so they can be used between a power armored body and a large power backpack.  Or maybe that's a seperate idea/sprue.  

  • Definitely something that should be on any SF booster sprue. that AND LEFT HANDED PISTOL OPTIONS!!! (With corresponding non-weapon right hand ones).

    (edit) Actually, I see that North Star have done exactly that with Stargrave Crew II. There's a left hand pistol, and left and right bionic arms, plus more little techy gubbins. Good work North Star! 

  • Paldroons/shoulder-armor definitely help "sell" a variety of different minis, starting with sci-fi, and going on to heavily-armored fantasy paladins and other warriors, and moving these days into tactical body armor. 

    Mixing in some capes and mantles in different materials, genres, and styles is a great idea.

    Maybe include some gorgets and ruff collars as well - these sorts of things work about as well as capes and mantles do (that is, they don't fit all minis, but they fit enough to be useful and when they do, it looks great.)  Similarly, the scarves that came with the French Resistance have turned up in a couple of projects - those are great as well.

    Bonus points if there are a couple collar bits (whatever these are called) loosely inspired by those worn by the Time Lords from the old Doctor Who series - those costumes, like the Daleks, were one of the more inspired production/costuming design decisions from the show, and really helped sell the Time Lords as an ancient chapter of space-wizards - combined with some robed torsoes (from, say, a hooded/robed monk/cultist kit!), this sort of thing would work great in both sci-fi and fantasy for designating leaders (especially villain masterminds, wizards, necromancers, and other dramatic types of characters):


    Anyway, things like shoulder bits, capes, collars, and such are sadly neglected in multi-part miniatures kits for adding a distinctive touch to specific characters or factions, and, along with humble ray-guns or bolters of some sort, can instantly transform historical figures into a Death Fields or other sci-fi faction!

  • @Yronimos Whateley

    Utterly my mind, and with all those little pieces of hard plastic, one should be able to recreate HIM:

    Klytus is already available from Crooked Dice (RIP Peter Wyngarde by the way).. but their Ming is so-so... not as outrageous as shown above... 

  • YES.

    And I for one would not at all complain about a Death Fields or Classic Fantasy set of characters dressed in these sorts of elaborate, fancy robes, either, to add these sorts of collars and other bits to.  The basic body-in-robes sort works for retro-sci-fi supervillains and npcs, fantasy mages, wizards, sorcerers, cultists, mystics, D&D Mind Flayers and Liches, fantasy royals and nobility of all sorts, and so on. 


    Include a nice mix of heads/headgear (Bald Heads of Evil, Enigmatic Skull Caps, Sinister Crowns (with both humanoid and  a mix of skull/mummy faces), Unearthly Cowls, and Alien Mystics), a couple elaborate collars, and some arms with those great, giant sleeves holding - I don't know, death rays?  Cult daggers and tomes?  Weird staves?  Curious artifacts?

    Add the Million Dollar Should-and-Neck-Accessory sprue for more variety as needed.

    And I, for one, couldn't resist the idea:  it's a kit that would work well with sci-fi, fantasy, and Jazz Age Cthulhu gaming....  (Sorry, historical gamers, but I can't think of any way to include you guys.  However, if you see a historical gaming use I couldn't think of, that's even better!)


  • It's a legit great idea - they are money spinners for anvil/madrobot, I think. 

    Having plastic ones we can poly cement to stuff would be ace. 

  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    I think this is why NorthStar's Cultists box set is so popular amongst us (with or without the upgrade scifi sprue) like any other Frostgrave products (like the Wizards or the Gnolls).. WGA must follow such a clever example with his upcoming Fantasy/Scifi ranges: versatility is the key to success nowadays. 

  • Blood Bowl coaches can use spare shoulder pads, too. I have often ordered loose shoulder pad bitz in order to make some of my teams up. (The Kroot ones are pretty useful, for what it's worth).

  • Not going to lie, I love the idea of various shoulder pads on sprues. 

  • Definitely interested in shoulder pads sprue, brilliant idea indeed.

  • Interesting to see so much vocal support for shoulder pads.

    Is there similar interest for sprues of cloaks? I know there was a time I was searching for cloaks for some kitbashing and cloaks could cost as much as the minis themselves.

    Adding a cloak helps turn a historical Saxon into a fantasy warrior of Rohan.


  • @Grumpy Gnome Cloaks are harder to get the fit right with. But I'd not object to one of those.

  • The Stargrave troopers and mercs are screaming for shoulder pads. 

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