Panzerjager A call to arms.

  • Whilst enjoying  the Panzerjager of Wargames Atlantic my thoughts turned to the real conflict in Ukrain and the galent troops who are attacking the Soviets wiith such success. Looking at the sprues of Wargame Atlantic l was thinking where are the RPG`s, the Milan, Swingfire, there`s no anti tank missile weaponry damn, gotta scratch build.

    Later l started thinking Mark wouldn`t have done Panzerjager without tank killing weaponary. I dug out the old DREAMFORGE Instructions and low and behold the large weapon shown is an Anti Tank Rifle. Now it has a scope, it`s designed to kill Tanks and Leviathens, is the scope for precision rather than range? What does it fire, it appears to be a larger version of the squad support weapon, what is its ammo , how many rounds? Does it have an extended range?  Come on you guys out there lets "make" this weapon. Geoff.

  • So I recently got the Panzerjager kit and really like it......  minus the fact none of their equipment looks adequate to actually kill a tank.  Maybe in an accessory or command sprue/kit to follow?

    They really could use a Panzerschreck or Panzerfaust equivalent.  


    But to think about/fleshout the Eisenkern Panzerjager Antitank Rifle:  

    The Eisenkern Panzerjager Antitank Rifle may have capabilities and employment similar to the PTRS41 in WW2.

    PTRS 41 in WW2

    Cliff Notes:  Easily penetrated light vehicles to include APCs (halftracks) and many light tanks.  Could still penetrate the sides and rear of German medium tanks at least until they started hanging schurtzen (skirts).  Soviet forces would normally employ them in multi antitank rifle ambushes.  Successful attacks depended on multiple antitank rifles working together.  Even against heavier tanks, antitank rifles could target periscopes and aerials to degrade it.  

    Like this, but different ;)

    The weapon could also act as a makeshift sniper system and "antimaterial rifle."

    The Panzejager antitank rifle is obviously more mobile than a PTRS41.... but don't tell this guy: