VALKIR IRON CORE`S most sort after ranges ?.

  • Not a question I can easily answer, they sold very well. Were a proxy figure used in all the games from GW, when people got short of cash, or genuinally liked the far better style. Definatally the most banned by GW used in house games.  What I can tell you whatever rules you decide, these suits rock and roll. Our house rules were, and still are D20 system. I won't talk of these suits in rule terms, however, make them to suit your own. Instead I`d prefer to tell of them as real, as described in the forum and other posts. Valkir will fill a hole on your battle field and stay there as long as certain  criteria are met. They will burn, blast, and hand to hand all that attack them untill that tide turns or are destroyed.  They are strong ,think of Starship Trooper book bounce armor (without the bounce). They have Heavy Support,  but go through Ammo like salt. They have hand to hand weapons plus guns (Two Handed)  to give them support up close and personal. This is where the real realism comes in, think "Tank",  they need the infantry and Panzerjagers close. If the enemy, particulary the feral Shadowkesh, get toe to toe, they are just meat in a can. Movement is slow, you pay for all that lovely metal and weapons, they can't run and barely human walk. This is also where you really need the mules, they didn`t come with all those  nice ammo and supply boxes for nothing. Whatever vehicle you decide to use to drop off your Valkir, it then loiters or safe lands, if VTOL, and does resupply  by mules as your force runs low. The end of the Valkir will always come if they are not protected on their flanks an endless tide of feral Shadowkesh washing them away.

  • The Valkir of Old  and the favorite conversion an Avengers Quinjet as a Dropship. The forums finest this from a gentleman who built the 1st Intergallactic Legion. Dead lucky, cause mine arrived yesterday. from E-bey. Pictures soon as I`ve more Panzerjagers finished.Cheers all Geoff

  • I'll be snagging a box when they drop, for sure.  I dig their look

  • I'm waiting on the Valkir, i've 200 stormtroopers waiting to support them. The question remains what will their final form be, the heavy troopers, the assault troopers, the support troopers or a mix of the three?

  • @John Wilson That really is the, million dollar question, I`d like to see two box sets, Assault and Heavy with close mixed in the two. As long as the quality is good make it three sets, I`d be happy.  

  • This is indeed a set I am looking forward to, really like the knightly helmet options. Hope to use them for Planet28 and kitbashing

  • @Geoff Maybury Are there anymore pictures of that Quinnjet? 

  • @Jayme Shaker No sorry, have to wait till i start mine, 3 or 4 guys built and painted them , they went on to be used in 40K and Aliens, so you may see them on those forums.

  • @Jayme Shaker 


    most pictures of this project are gone and blown in the wind... but you can look here... at site 2 are a few images from that jet...


  • Valkir are simply the best sci-fi "knight" miniatures I've ever seen, I got my hands on a single DF Valkir model in a random bag of eBay bits, and have been hunting for more ever since. 

    If anyone has a line to Mark, please tell him to sell an STL of the Grav Stug. I would buy my own printer just for that model. 

  • @John Wilson 

    Maybe a mix, but who knows, WGA could be willing to produce the 3 of them 😁

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