Login Issues (Again)

  • I have once again ecountered a major login issue with the website. After signing in and finishing the "challenge" page, it sends me to the registration page, where I hit the "returning customer page" after which I am stuck in an endless loop of performing the same three tasks over and over again. Nothing seems to consistently work, and I'm lucky that I managed to get signed in this time. This issue seems to be seperate from the forum, and one with the main site instead. In addition, sometimes the challenge loops after completion, loading the same images over and over.

    I hope you find a way to fix this.

  • I had difficulties also about a week or so ago, I was supposedly logged in it let me into the forum but would not let me view any of the topics. After repeated tries it wouldn't except my password so I reset my password and things have been working fine since.

  • It's an issue with Shopify actually. The best way to do it is to Login right from the WA homepage instead of the Legion page. I've found it picks it up faster that way. 

  • @Hudson Adams Its strange, I never have any issue when logging in with my phone... before my old laptop died, I used Google Chrome and always had that log in loop issue... with the new laptop its Microsoft Edge, and I havent had the issue yet...

  • @Hudson Adams 

    I am logging directly on WGA page before clicking on Legion Forum tab.. most of time every is fine, no lag, no trouble but from Thursday to Monday a lot of bugs do occur: third party stuff according to error messages after posting new messages ... it bring me back to WGA page or redirect me to another Shopify page asking for id and password anew. 

  • For about a couple of days, I am totally unable to add pictures to my messages, both General and Upload options do result with nothing or a blank image.. 😒

  • @Estoc i've had the same issues off and on since the forum was created.

  • had the issue again today.. short term solution, if you hit the problem, clear your history and cookies. that resolved it for me.

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