Panzerjager Captain.

  • Really pleased with this box set of figures, so I want to play around with the squads, to try different paint styles for each squad. Some I want standard "Grey", some "Green", some "Camo". Some of each units I want bits of other duties such as UN blue helmets and berries.Equipment carried from other dutys such as a Laptop, Mine bag, Drone Bag, but I wanted more than squadies, a Female Captain for the Panzerjager. I cut her arms to fit the pose with her machine gun and her left at ease, the head is a "bicker chick" from Walords set. Don`t think it fits to bad, though I cut the head level, trimed the back hair, and made a milliput ball to fit the socket of the "jagers" body. I`ve painted the colours in but has I`m still to dig out my main paints and brushes Iv`e stopped now with a couple of washes of diluted paints I need my inks to line the gold and red. plus smart up all the suits joint lines. Iv`ve only light washed the face and hair to show the colour. I`ve stood her on her base from Fenris Games, not fixed her,  but these I`m very pleased with as usual the fit and quality are great.  Don`t usually post a figure till finished but still alot to do and some friends have asked what I`m up to as I only use this forum and Rubicon Enjoy any questions ask.         

  • One really great thing with photoing your figure so big, is  you catch every detail, touch up, and see were the ink washes need to go. and the angle the figure must be put to run ink into the lines. The leg joint lines need a real fine wash, and the ladies bottom with the armor plates.

  • Looking good so far!! These molds especially with the green armor remind me of Halo SPARTANs. Looking forward to see the further WIP shots!

    The Warlord "biker chick" head works really well, too. Do you have any other recommendations for womens' heads for kitbashing? I definitely plan on picking up a set of Panzerjager down the line, but for now I'm focusing on fantasy with sort of a broad stroke "15th to 19th century" kind of flavor, and I want to have some women in my squads. I've got some Great Escape Games women gunfighters coming down the pipe, and was also looking into some of the Victoria Miniatures conversion bits, too. What are your thoughts on that end?

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Great use of the Wargames Factory/Warlord Biker head.  Works perfectly.


    I really, really like the Statuesque Miniatures heads.

    They come in a variety of styles/sizes to fit most all applications:

    Crooked Dice has some interesting female "minion" heads as well.


  • @JTam Thanks for pointing me to Statuesque! I bought 3 sprues of various "heroic small" size heads. It looked like they would have relatively solid compatibility with everything I'd be using. I think the berets in particular will go well with the conquistadores I'm waiting on.

    I may also throw some money Crooked Dice's way. I think I need to give a mercenary this beehive hairstyle...

  • Anvil Industries is somewhat similar to Victoria and has a variety of 28mm female heads:

    There are some Wargames Atlantic kits with female heads on the sprue.  I believe the Grognard Command Set and the Esenjager kit have some.

    And of course there is the upcoming female cannon Fodder kit.


  • @lauregami  


    I've done business with Statuesque Minis before and was very pleased.

  • Hi guys thanks for the comments, Hasslefree, Crooked Dice, scale head and body perfect for these and allow you the chance of other crews, air and science, plus civilian. Dont forget Studio miniatures they also fit very well. This new range fits in great with a lot of old Matchbox toy ranges so the potential for great Si/Fi conversions is magic lastly many 1/64th items scale great. 

  • This diner by Plastic vile is so reasonablly priced but perfect this is from the Zombie forum and one of there lads. Well worth a look at 

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