Cornelivs Maximvs Allies (and Enemies)

  • To set some context, I like to convert/mix kits and also to write so it is natural that my conversions influenced a book series I recently wrote and the books influenced the miniatures that I have been converting.

    This thread will follow the progress of the regiments that ally with the forces of Cornelivs Maximvs, the leader of a varied force of renegades that moves across the region of space surrounding the colony established by Cornelivs and his followers, hunting down dangerous aliens and gathering allies.

    These regiments are from a different set of systems, so there will be some variability between them (different cultures, different looks), but they will all somewhat fit into the Imperial Guard theme. Since I am more of a builder than player things are not necessarily with legal wargear for any game system and I do like to build squads with lots of special weapons.

    Many of the infantry models are from Wargames Atlantic or Perry Miniatures, with some GW (GSC and IG) and Anvil Industry miniatures as well. The core units for the army were built based on GSC because they were miners from a mining world called Airom and thus GSC seemed like a good starting point.

    A description of some of the regiments is below:


    Surrounded by storms for many centuries, the system of Abistrev was completely isolated and thus deviated from the forces of the nearby systems. Knowing the storms would end one day, the Abistrevians trained hard and created powerful and disciplined regiments well prepared for defensive roles, especially when garrisoning fortifications like the large city-bunkers where most of their population lived.

    After the defeat of the heretic that had misled part of the Abistrevians to fight against the imperial forces, the loyalist forces were reintegrated into the imperial guard and the system turned into a fortress to serve as a base for future operations.

    Abistrevian forces are currently being built using Raumjagers.


    A warm and overpopulated planet, Aidaca is the origin of some of the most well disciplined regiments in the region. Their loyalty makes them well suited to garrison all sorts of important locations, including centres of industry and other locations of value. Used to living in high temperatures, the regiments of Aidaca are commonly seen wearing long coats over their armour, to help them endure the colder temperatures. Although they are mostly seen on garrison duty, many regiments are sent into warzones with the intention of capturing particularly important objectives, regardless of the opposition.

    The forces of Aidaca are currently being built using Grognards.


    Covered with dry mountains and tall plateaus, Harpig is a planet filled with many different tribes who have fought each other frequently in the past, but that are now at peace, under imperial authority. Used to fight in their dry and uneven terrain, the soldiers of Harpig are excellent sharpshooters and their close combat companies are among the best in the region. Their lack of armour makes them mobile, but obviously reduces their effectiveness in prolonged assaults, so they prefer to make fast attacks before retreating. Their sharpshooters will often garrison important fortifications, eliminating the enemy at a great range.

    The forces of Aidaca are currently being built using Afghans.


    Now that the context is set, some of the painted miniatures I have at the moment (basing will be done in the future):

    Cornelivs Maximvs (Left) and Septimus Germanicus (Right)

    Aulus Squad

    Ariel's Squad

    Cassius Squad

    The leader of one of the enemy forces

    Regiments of Aidaca

  • @GreenScorpion  

    Very good work indeed.. the Brood Brothers box is quite a very interesting set of bits and since it does include an Heavy weapon for the same price a must-have. 

    Cannot wait for your next post 👍

  • @Steven StGeorges 
    Thanks, my miners were meant to represent a mix of normal humans with multi-armed mutants that were common in the lowest levels of the mines of Airom, so the GSC models were an excellent way to accomplish it :)
    Although the Brood Brothers box is a relatively nice deal, these models were done from the Cult Insurrection box that was available a few years ago as a battleforce.

    I have started working on this force in 2018, so I have almost everything built at the moment, but painting is slower and there were periods when I couldn't work on my miniatures so only since last year I have been making some decent progress in terms of painting.

    Near the end of March I did an army shoot with what was painted at the moment in terms of allies and enemies for Cornelivs. The models below are about 20-25% of the total models I have for this project, but I can say that they are certainly a lot :D

    My preference for darker colours for the allied forces sometimes make the models a bit difficult to photograph correctly, but the way it ties the different units together and how it looks in person is amazing, especially considering that I am far from being a great painter, although I have improved a lot in the past 2 years.

    I am currently paint a batch of 3 tanks from Meng's World War Toons, but I will put some more close up photos of the completed models in the coming days, as I don't want to fill one post with too many pictures.

  • @GreenScorpion  

    Very nice indeed... 

    I did recommend Meng's Wart toons range in my "Papercraft" thread... those are really nice scalewise models that could mix with any W40K army. I am still looking for The Wandering Earth Security vehicle .. but thanks to Pandemia, it is still nowhere to be found. 

  • @GreenScorpion  

    Great stuff.  Nice to see some painted Grognards.  

    And your army is extremely... girthy.

    Looking forward to the Meng tanks pictures.

  • @Steven StGeorges @JTam  
    Thanks :)


    Although I have built most of my miniatures (except 4 large vehicles still in their boxes), I have decided to follow a self imposed challenge of reaching 0 bits, which means that I have been doing some conversions using the spare stuff from the various kits I have built in the past years.

    That being said, yesterday I finished a batch of 5 such conversions (doing 1 per day as the torso and backpack copies are using a single mould) using arms from the cult insurrection box and heads from the grognards. Things like the legs and such are still far from being perfect, but each batch is looking better than the previous, so eventually I will get to a decent level.

    Since I have a lot of stuff being done for this project I needed to have a way to organize myself, so I eventually started a spreadsheet and tracked all the different model kits and the status in terms of built, painted and so on. Bought in the graph and table means models in accordance to the box, for example building 24 grognards per box, while Converted means building beyond original box content and Built is essentially fully assembled models of both types. Painted should be self-explanatory.

    As you can certainly figure out, I like infantry :D

  • @GreenScorpion  

    I am used to buy miniatures lots from second-hand shops.. mostly damaged ones or with missing parts, just to be able to use most of bits available to restore a model. 

    You could use the BlueStuff casting technique... cheap and easy:


  • @GreenScorpion  

    I am talking about that Meng kit not the 1/100 one... 

    As seen on Meng website.. HERE

    Quite a lovely detailed model, scalewise with GW minis and vehicles... and way cheaper: less than 20$CAN, without taxes, but quite rare for about a couple of years now. A VERY good alternative to Chimera and Rhino IMHO.

  • @Steven StGeorges I have tried using bluestuff for the initial torso mould I have created based on a simple torso I sculpted with greenstuff, but it didn't work as well as the two part silicon putty I used, so I have been using the silicon one instead for the moment.
    In what relates to Meng Models, they are quite nice and typically easy to build (some smaller parts can be difficult to push into position, but nothing serious). I have 5 King Tigers, 5 Tiger P, 5 Panthers, 5 panzer IV, 5 Matilda II and 5 Churchill tanks from their World War Toon series. They are not all suitable to replace GW vehicles, but they fit well with the infantry and for the smaller tanks my plan is to use them to represent scout vehicles or light tanks.


    Today I have some more updates from the progress over the weekend.

    A family member got me some vehicle toys for me to convert, but they were a bit small for 28mm scale, so I turned into remote controlled vehicles with a heavy weapon on top, essentially they would be used along with an operator and serve as HWT but on wheels.

    I armed them with autocannons and added some wire to make an antenna, but I will still need to make an operator some time in the future.

    I also managed to finish painting the 3 Tiger P tanks from Meng.


    Next on the painting queue are 2 Mantic Mules and 2 King Tiger tanks from Meng, which I should work on next weekend if things go as expected.

  • @GreenScorpion  

    Planning to buy some Meng War Toons Tanks to replace Gretchins Scrap Tanks with a KV2 as lead vehicle.. cheap and funky. Problem is the sole KV2 available to me -from one of my retailers- is .. Pink and according to some blogs quite hard to cover with casual primer paint. 

    Keep on the good work GS... 

  • @GreenScorpion  

    They (Meng) even did a Porsche Tiger?  Awesome.

    @Steven StGeorges 

    Would love to see you Grot Tank KV2 if you ever execute that plan.

  • @Steven StGeorges
    I have primed all of my Meng models without any issues, both with the spray primer or the brush primer (for the areas I miss with the spray paint), so it might be bloggers painting with inadequate paints? All of Meng's World War Toons are pre-coloured so I doubt the pink one is any different in terms of priming.


    This is the full list of the World War Toons tanks from Meng:
    They have other toons models, some of them limited editions (a sherman IV with Santa Claus for example), including ships, airplanes and tanks.
    The King Tiger and the Tiger P are both good leman russ replacers as they are roughly the same width and length (give or take a few milimeters).

  • @GreenScorpion  

    Nice.  Thank You. 

    Good info on the Tiger vs. Leman size.

    I keep hoping Meng will come out with some of the Italian tanks.  

    If your stateside, check out Hobby Lobby.  They usually have one Meng tank kit in stock at a time, and they almost always sell their kits at 40% off.

    Also, have you seen the resin ToonKrieg?


  • @GreenScorpion  

    Going to use some Krylon to prime it... but according to some the Pink does need more than one coat of primer to disappear completly. 

    On other hand, I could use Gesso, since it is a better product than Krylon spraycan.


    On my todo list my friend... First I still need to find out a genuine model kit with a "rational" pricetag: more or less 20$CAN instead of 65 + taxes and shipping. 

  • Stopped by Hobby Lobby on the way home today:

    I believe that comes out to:

    They had Toon Sherman tanks a couple weeks ago.

  • @JTam Blimey wer`e lucky if we see 10% and thats on a good day. HHHiiii, HHHiiii,  shear brilliant !!!.

  • @JTam That is a lot cheaper than I can get them around here. I have to order them online from a neighbouring country as physical hobby stores are extremely rare in my country and although the store does some sales throughout the year, last year the Meng Toon models went up something like 20% (still way cheaper than GW vehicles but not so cheap for bulk purchases).


    Yesterday I finished another group of conversions for my zero bits personal challenge.
    Although they are still far from perfect, the legs are starting to look a bit  more consistent (except for the very tall guy on the right, but people are not all the same height anywar).

    The cults insurrection box should have enough bits for at least 3 or 4 additional batches of 5 soldiers, but the sprues are starting to look a bit emptier already. As can be easily recognized, I am trying to spend the huge amount of grognards I have lying around as well (5 boxes each with 192 heads means a lot of spares).

    Don't mind the clawed hand of the guy in the right, some of the soldiers have replaced lost limbs/body parts with metallic prosthetics and not all are high quality, especially among the former miners, so 3 finger metallic claws are somewhat common.

  • @JTam  

    .. Hate you just a little bit... 👅

  • @Steven StGeorges 

  • @GreenScorpion  

    Where are you at?  If you don't mind me asking....

  • @JTam  

    He is from Portugal.. 

    Lol and only hating you a little bit since you have quite an easy access to a lot of things unlike us North of the Lines. 

  • @Steven StGeorges 

    I've ordered some WW2 Canadian kit/webbing from Canada before.  (There seems to be more pristine P37 kit left in Canada then anywhere else.....)  The shipping wasn't that bad/expensive if I remember correctly.... it just took 3 weeks to get here.  

  • @JTam  

    Before Pandemia I suppose? 

    Most of my favourite retailers are absolutely unable to give me any insight about upcoming Meng shipments. I should be notified as soon as models will be available again. I could buy some models from imperialhobbies based in BC, but with taxes and shipping, pricetag is turning into quite a nonsense and add at least 3-5 weeks to receive goods (we did order four 24" monitors in 2021 on BestBuy, thanks to pandemia they did came from BC and took 2 months to get here) . Buying from the USA is almost as bad thanks to change, import taxes and shipping ... so thanks to currency rates, goods -like Peanut Butter- are cheaper. 😁

    I could order from Europe -since I still do have a bank account there- but shipping is killing all the fun, then import taxes. 😅

  • @GreenScorpion 

  • @Steven StGeorges 
    I got mine from and they seem to be cheaper than the link you provided.
    If you wait for a sale you might get something like 10-20% discount.
    I have found other retailers in Europe that stock those models, but most have similar or higher prices.

    As Steven StGeorges said I am from Portugal, which due to low wages is typically not the best place to find hobby related stuff in stores, mostly because there isn't much spare income unless you earn a bit more than average or avoid spending on unnecessary stuff, so there is no use in having those stores around beyond a few ones in the bigger cities, but even there it is mostly historical models or GW items with a price increase (one would think stores would do a discount like other countries to attract customers, rather than selling it at a greater price for more direct margin).
    I usually order stuff from Spain because it takes roughly 1-2 to arrive after shipment in most occasions, even after covid started, but when things are not available in Spain or the stores that have those items lost my confidence for some shady issues with orders, I order from central Europe (mostly Germany).
    The period when I ordered most of my stuff was when I was working in Ireland, because the disposable income there was much higher (my yearly gross income was half of what it was in Ireland when I returned to Portugal, for some scale sense).


    EDIT: Unrelated to the above, but I just think it was time I showed some of the things I did with different WGA kits, namely the spiders and the Einherjar.

    Some of the rider poses work better than others, but when I saw the announcement of both kits before they were released, I knew I had to try to make some dwarf riders :)

  • @GreenScorpion  

    Lovely and awesome mix muito bem meu amigo escorpião verde!!! Quite unusual but interesting idea.. 👏

  • @Steven StGeorges 
    Thanks :)
    The combination of the kits resulted so well that I ended up including a mention to units of spider riders in my sci-fi books. Story inspires miniatures, miniatures inspire story, it is an interesting relationship between hobbies.

  • @GreenScorpion  

    From Spider Riders books? All sources of inspiration available are welcome you know.. 

    Here the blog of Suber a madman in Madrid and a must-read:


    The blog of Emiliano, another madman located in Italy and devoted to converting all kinds of toys and materials in WFB/D&D/W40K models/sceneries/terrains .. 

    Oh and since you are EU-based.. maybe you could find out some Pocket Titans to use them as IG Sentinels, Battlebots or even Dreadnoughts.



  • @Steven StGeorges 
    The Dwarf Spider Riders are not mentioned enough to be a Spider Rider book unfortunately, but this is the one that contains references to them:
    If things go well, dwarves and many of the other factions in the current series will get their time under the spotlight in other books/series, but only time will tell.
    I am currently working on a medieval fantasy book that had been started over a decade ago, so the next sci-fi ones will have to wait (especially because I still need to have a day job to pay the bills).

    I had a quick look at the links you sent and both blogs seem rather interesting, thanks for the suggestion.

    Couldn't find much so far on the Pocket Titans, not sure if they ended up appearing under other names for some reason or if they are simply hard to find.

  • @GreenScorpion  

    Best of lucks about your jobhunt... 🤞

    No trouble about blogs, both are awesome and full of examples and ideas. 

    Indeed Pocket Titans seems to be still available in Greece and Eastern Europe .. and Belgium I think. FB and website are silent since 2020... a pity since everything was useful. 😒

  • @Steven StGeorges 
    Thanks :)
    On the Pocket Titans, I found some Eastern Europe announcements of the product but no stores with them. Found a greek store that seems to list them, but not the kind of store I would usually consider trustworthy. I suspect the original manufacturer might have disappeared or the product had any legal issues.
    Regardless, I have enough Mantic Strider parts to make a few more walkers with some greenstuff and "garbage". I have made an early prototype of such a walker for a mini-diorama and although the legs seem like the ones from a swamp moster (they were done with some wires and a repair epoxy I was experimenting with). I called him Nut Cracker because of its composition :D

    Not the most amazing thing in the world, but I like how it looks :)

    I have spare front parts for the driver from the Striders, so the rest will likely use the nuts for the back of the control compartment.

  • @GreenScorpion  

    Found some on

    But seller is from Poland. 


  • Another weekend, another batch of painted miniatures :)
    This time it was 4 vehicles, including 2 Meng World War Toon King Tigers and 2 Mantic Mules.

    Already primed the next batch of miniatures, this time 2 Mantic Hornets for some air support/transportation.

  • Finished a few more GSC cult insurrection box based conversions yesterday:

    Over the weekend I also worked on sculpting a larger torso to use with the spare space marine heads and gors arms/heads that I have lying around. When I finish the last things on the torso, I realized a larger backpack would also be useful, so I made something simple out of brownstuff and some bits from the gors. I have created the silicon moulds for the 2 parts yesterday, so I will make the first parts today and hopefully tomorrow build the first model with the larger bodyparts.

    The concept for the models based on the larger torso will be similar to what I have been doing with the GSC parts, but the resulting models will be bulkier and taller, to represent heavier troops. I also have some chaos marauder parts that will likely be used with the same torso and backpack, since I think the arms are a bit too bulky for the torso I am currently using.

    If all goes well, I should have pictures of the bulkier test models by next weekend :)

  • I had hoped to have a batch of 5 bulkier troops done this weekend with the larger torso copies based on the torso I sculpted, but I got sick earlier this week and I am still in the recovery phase, so I only managed to build the first bulkier test model yesterday.

    The bulkier model is almost as tall as a primaris marine, so a really big guy. There were some issues with the thickness of the legs that I had to fix with more greenstuff and I will have to do differently for the next conversions, but for the first try I think it worked well. The model on the left is a regular 28mm human for comparison. The skull face on the larger backpack didn't come out perfect from the mould, but overall the backpack looks nice and should be ok once painted.

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