Aztec lizardman

  • Got a sprue of lizardmen in the mail today. Decided to try a lizardman with some aztec arm. also shaved teh back of his head and added an aztec headress. 




  • Here is a couple more pics. Next to a regular aztec and a GW lizard man.

  • Sorry for the potato pics... I have been trying to do this on my work breaks. :)

  • Loving it mate! I definitely need to do that.

  • I would like to see SciFi-Lizardmen... ;-) 


  • Flash would help the pics.

    Thats an inspired conversion on the headdress idea. I may steal that.

  • That worked really well!  Surprisingly well.  Thank You for sharing it. 

    Shows you can do an Empire Vs Lizardman campaign without leaving the comfort of your WGA home.  


    Awesome work -as usual- Mister Redford and thanks for showing a converted Lizardman alongside his GW counterpart. 👌

  • Great conversion and kit bash, I love it.  This may be a way of using up all those left over bits in the Aztec sets.

  • Dunno if I'd wanna buy two kits to build a single unit, and unfeathered shieldless mazticans are also kinda unlikely to show up in my campaign. But then again, this might still be cheaper than GW saurus warriors...

  • played around with some aztecs. Made a shaman with a frostgrave head and owl...

    Decided to do the last 2 lizard on the sprue i bought with aztec parts...

  • The Frostgrave / WGA Aztec kit bash looks successful as well.  The owl is a nice touch.

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