Italian Infantry Assembly Instructions

  • Hi all... firstly I have been what we call in the UK "a right plum" 🤪

    I just got round to starting my "Sahariana" project and found that I've misplaced the Italian Infantry assembly instructions :(

    I've checked on the website, but do these instructions exist as a download anywhere?

    Many thanks in advance for helping a slightly forgetful old man out ;)

  • I do not think the WGA box includes instructions but I could be wrong. I certainly can not find instructions in the WGA Italian box in my hobby room... but I did find some Warlord Games Italian instructions that may be of some use.


  • @Grumpy Gnome thank you... I could have sworn I'd seen them but that could be age/stress-related imaginings 😆 Perhaps I was thinking of the ones you've kindly put there...

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