Upcoming sets I am looking forward to, what are yours?

  • Cannon Fodder 2: Females T2 I will buy all female sets released as female bits in plastic are somewhat rare.
    Germanic Warrior Army Builder Layout I can use these in fantasy games...
    Merovingian Franks Part Check I can use these in Fantasy games...
    Landsknecht Ogres Additional Sculpting I need these!
    Trolls File Prep Fantasy sets will always have a use in my RPGS
    Farm Animals Additional Sculpting This sounds fun. It will be cool to have goat and cow animal companions in RPGs and convert some wierd cavalry.
    Conquistador Cavalry Additional Sculpting Need these to finish my conquistadors and I want the doggos!
    Ooh Rah Additional Sculpting These look like a fun set. I Can use some Colonial Marines.
    Napoleonic Camp Followers File Prep Female minis... I will buy
    Modern "Operators" Additional Sculpting Wonder what set won that vote. If its the Humanoid robots, I'm in!
    Halfling Cavalry Additional Sculpting I really like WA Halflings style and size. So these will be used to finish my halfling army.
    Les Grognard Raptor Cavalry Sculpting Raptor Cavalry... Nothing more needs to be said.
    Cannon Fodder Command and Heavy Support Sculpting I have the Cannon Fodder, and will buy the femme Cannon fodder so I will get this box as well.
    Treemen Sculpting Fantasy set, sounds fun.

  • Aside from the Conq cavalry, Ogres and female sets, I am kind of most interested in the army builder sets for Dark age and Rennaisance eras. I mean fantasy would be great too, but nothing has been mentioned of fantasy army builders, so Dark age ones are probably the best I can expect... and should be easy to convert. A renaissance one with guns or halberds, or pike would be great too. 

  • Like I said in the poll thread: I need all Death Fields!

    The Grognards and Einhenjar are so far my favorite sculpts and getting more of them would make me very happy. I would say I'd prefer to get more Einhenjar to balance out the Grognards awesome Quad-guns, BUT WGA went ahead and put  the Grognards on Raptors, so it's a tie.

    Ooh Rah won me over on name alone. My wife and I are playing through  Aliens Another Glorious Day in The Corps sonI can garuntee she'll be in board with them as well. 

    I think we're all waiting on Cannon Fodder 2. The first set was a kitbasher's dream, and having some feminine options just makes it that much better. I'm a little surprised that Cannon fodder are getting a commandbox. I would have figured their gimmick would have been waves of lesser troops, and Cannon fodder 2 would be taking the support box place. Of course I won't complain for more options for such a versatile set.

    Valkir are intriguing to me. The name invokes valkeries, but we already have the Norse themed Einhenjar, so what will differentiate them? Maybe a female splinter group? Perhaps they will be rivals like the Bulldogs and Grognards? Maybe each faction will get a rival. I can see Ooh Rah and Cannon Fodder being opposed as well. Or maybe they represent the first subfaction to the setting. They could be the Harlequins to Einhenjar's Eldar. Maybe they will lean away from the Norse roots and be the Amazons of the setting. Warrior Women choosing the slain throughout history? I can get behind that. Maybe a reference to Operation Valkery and they are related to the Ruamjager rather then the Eihenjar? Maybe I'm missing something obvious.

    The Ruamjager are the least interesting part of the setting so far, but I kind of like their scupts as the bases of my Liao Loyalist in Battletroops, so getting more options for them might make their way into that game. I can also see some really options for Conflict 47 from their support pieces, so there's that going for them too.

    The Warring State, New Kingdom Egypt and India Mutiny sets are intriguing since I haven't really seen to many models in those periods. I know I'll want to get a New Kingdom army going, no matter if I ever find a game to play it in or not, and I can see the others being possible pick ups depending on their scupts. I was surprised by how much I liked the Boxer set's scupts, and it opened up the doors for me to look into more niche settings since I mainly paint and don't really play all that much anyways.

    Trojan Chariots and Farm Animals are a given if not for me then for a gift for my wife. She's about a third done with the Accoutrements Horse set right now and she's really enjoying it as a break from her Warhammer and show room pieces. Having anything in a similar vien from WGA is realy going to get her excited.

    The Hotchkiss team sounds cool, and could be something I need for a Battletroops set. I'll have to see how they end up.


    Basically I'm think WGA is getting all my hobby money at least untill the fall Battletech Kickstarter.

  • @William Redford 

    I believe "Modern 'Operators'" refers to just that..... modern "Operators".  AKA Tier 1 "Special Forces" types.  There's been some sneak peaks that appear to possibly be this:

    It makes sense because at this point 98% of the world's tier one units are using extraordinarily similar uniforms, boots, body armor, MOLLE gear, and weapons.  The only thing truly differentiating some is whether the base weapon is an M4 (In the West anyone who can choose, chooses the M4 or variant) or AK.   

    A generic "Operator" set with tricked out M4s and AK74s can cover A LOT of ground.


    Love your notes for the Raptor cavalry.  LOL.  True.

  • @Red Bee 

    I believe the Valkir are the Valkir Heavy Troopers from the Iron-Core Universe.

    I liked where your speculation was going though....

  • @JTam aww. I guess those are cool... I just want more Death Fields

  • The Cannon Fodder, "Ooh Rah!", and Operators sets all sound like they'll be fun sets for near-future/cyberpunk wargaming, they'll make great soldiers for skirmishes against zombies and mutant apocalypse survivors, colonial marines and starship troopers for bug-hunts, modern pulp and near-future military factions, corporate security forces for shadowrunners to get around, mook villains for superheroes to bash, space-toopers for Stargrave, Warhammer 40K factions, and so on.  Looks like these will be great little sets that will work well together!

    I liked the G-Men and Gangsters idea - glad to see it's on the drawing board, I love the idea!


  • I am looking forward to the Dark Age Army Builder sets, and the halfling cavalry. Really curious on The Franks. 
    Will have, of course, to buy the Ogres, the Trolls and the Treemen. Not my fault, I just have to.

  • Cannon Fodder females, I've a load of the males so I'll be picking up a box at least. Great vault dweller types for fallout games or as hazmat teams with spaceship helmet.

    Cannon Fodder command and heavy support, as above.

    Farm animals, having dealt with Warlord's poor effort I could do with these for livestock, pets and caravans for post apocalyptic games.

    Iron Core Valkir, I've been waiting on these for a while to round out my Eisenkerns.

    Modern Operators, just so damn useful as a base for various post apocalyptic types.

    Ooh Rah, same as above but with more near future/sci-fi equipment.

    Raumjager command and heavy support, could be useful for the Eisenkerns.

    Raptor cavalry, because Raptor cavalry.

    German Sentries, mainly for the guard dogs.

  • Modern Operators, Brought Black Powder Red Dawn so it`s a no brainer.

    Iron Core Valkir, got the bird transport.

    Ooh Rah , can`t resist

    Farm Animals Eileen would be very sad, if ididn`t, and they`ve the cute factor.

    Raptor Cavalry , ever since Mutant Chronicals.

    Farm Animals, cute food for survival games.

    German Sentries, Eileens allready picked the names Tia,  and Narla.


  • @John Wilson 


    I have a sprue of the Warlord farm animals I got during one of their sprue sales.  I haven't done anything with it yet though.

    What makes it a poor effort?  The animals look decent on the box top.   They are pricey to be sure.  

  • @JTam I bought a few sprues in a sprue sale and just got around to using them. They suffer from very fragile legs in the sheep and pigs. They really need to come on a base, due to how thin and fragile they are. The cows and donkey are okay, although its got problems with the way the head looks due to the way the two halves join on the donkey. The rest of the small stuff is okay I think, but I haven't tried removing anything else from the sprue.

    Lots of the sheep and pigs are going to end up as casualties markers, so there not a total loss.


  • @John Wilson 


  • When I grabbed a bunch of Death Fields Grognards, I thought to myself, "This will be a fun, versatile army to use as I explore the wargaming hobby."

    But when I found out that Grognards Raptor Cavalry were in the works, I thought to myself, "Whoa! I picked the right army!" Definitely one of my most anticipated boxes.

    Also looking forward to farm animals, which I would like to use as treasure/objective tokens for wargames, especially fantasy type things. A good army needs good resources, not just loot!

    I'll sort the rest into categories.

    Historical: The Warring States line! I love the previews, especially the chariot, and I'm interested in this period in history. New Kingdoms Egyptians look really nice too!

    Sci-fi boxes: Cannon Fodder 2 (more women boxes please!), Cannon Fodder Support (the army I'm second most interested in), Iron-Core Valkir (for when I eventually decide to start building that collection).

    Fantasy: Treemen (would love some detailed, emotive treants/dryads! Would pair great with Halflings in a fantasy army!), Landsknecht Ogres (I just like the idea of big, burly ogres being no-nonsense mercenaries), Halfling Cavalry (I hope they're either riding really cool things like wolves or really silly things like giant fowl).

  • Cannon Fodder 2 are top of my list as well. Then Merovingian Franks. 

  • After Bulldogs the Ooh-Rah Colonial Marines are my most anticipated. Love Aliens, so anything taking inspiration from it is right up my alley. Hopefully we'll get some decent bug like 'strange form' aliens to fight sometime in the future.

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