Were are the Aliens behind "Death Fields" .

  • I`m very guilty of Knowing little about these ranges, but the fact that the "Ooh Rah`s" are for deathfield, as made me have a look. The back lore is quite interesting, one thing that as shocked me however. Is the fact, that after many poles, no Aliens for the backers of these"War"`s, are made. Or Aliens other than the spiders, listed for game oponents. How about for advesary,a race of, six legged, 2 armed, dog/wolf headed, creatures,  something really mobile, but very different. Also an Alien convension, running the "Death Fields" with multiple different types of Aliens runing the "League"?

  • And the lizardmen.

    Also, there seems to possibly be an implication of aliens in the cannon fodder.

  • I like to think it's one of the "Humanity, F*** yeah!" type situations, where compared to most alien species mankind are ridiculously strong, fast, durable and powerful apex killing machines.


    They kidnap humans to use as proxies to settle arguments in a civilised, controlled environment (as well as for entertainment and gambling purposes),  both because they'd be ineffective at fighting amongst themselves, and to avoid anyone thinking of setting humans on their rivals directly. 

  • The Fantasy Giant Spiders are also aliens, with biomechanical sci-fi options.

    There was a poll a few months ago where WGA more or less asked for suggestions for alien factions - any time one of WGA's polls has a write-in option, use it as an opportunity to suggest any ideas you might have - WGA's developers seem refreshingly receptive to good suggestions!

    If you're talking about the aliens that are running the Death Fields games, then I think that's a matter of We Are Cthulhu:  we're the aliens who are pitting the Death Fields factions against each other in the galaxy's deadliest sport!  :)


  • What's about Mark Mondragons "Shadowkesh"... they were the perfect aliens behind "Death Fields"... they are big... they are bad... and we can use them for Death Fields AND for the Iron-Core setting... so I think they are perfect for WGA - 1 race - 1 box... double use...  

  • @Yronimos Whateley I would have thought that with rules hopping to be added "sometime", a fluff of more than "Two paragraphs" might have by know arrived. I`d like it a bit like how G/W, Mantic do their "Ballgames" , A league of advanced Aliens enjoying the BloodSports that they have outgrown themselves. Some TV models, comentators, Hospital droids and cryogenic tanks, and loads of cammera droids for every angle. Could even be the first box set sold. Rules could have points for , best, charge, grenade throw,  best shot, sadest but heroic death etc.    

  • I'm not on all the social media for Wargames Atlantic (I'm canceled from Twitter and Facebook), so it's possible some of the fluff has gotten by me, but as near as I can tell, Wargames Atlantic are keeping a poker face on what their wargaming fluff might look like.  I've not even heard about what the progress on the wargames rules (and any additional fluff that comes with them) might be. 

    Up until WGA started talking about wargame rules, it seems like they focused on creating cool models first, and world-building as an afterthought... in any event, brief paragraphs from the back of the boxes or the webpages are all I've seen so far!

    For those who haven't seen it yet (or haven't seen it lately), this is what Wargames Atlantic says on their website:


    Death Fields: The Greatest Sport is War!

    For thousands of years, advanced alien civilizations have visited the Earth for one purpose: to steal their bravest warriors. For centuries, the cream of Earth's soldiers have been taken against their will to fight, die, and be reborn in arenas throughout the galaxy.

    The Game Guilds provide some of the most watched sport in the known universe with matches broadcast in thousands of systems. A perennial favorite of sports fans everywhere are the humans - a primitive race from the far edge of the galaxy.

    Over the millennia, the finest warriors of that backwater planet have been brought to the arenas to fight each other and a host of other sentient species and deadly creatures. Even now, thousands of years since abductions began, Recruiters still acquire the best of Human space's warriors for the games.

    The humans go on in their tiny light-years bubble of space attacking each others colony worlds, believing themselves the most advanced race in the universe while the rest of the galaxy watches their immortal ancestors fight and die in the Death Fields...

    The Death Fields will be a constantly expanding range building toward a future game release once we have enough plastic sets and factions.


    Sounds like it's all pretty much open-ended, with room for anything you can imagine, especially for the aliens!  (I expect the rules and fluff will likely be open-ended enough for anyone to import their favorite wargaming mini faction - including aliens - into the setting.)

  • @Frank Reischmann actually, given thier fluff, the  Shadowkesh seem more like a rival particepent race or at most the hired security team/referees sent to observe the games and make sure everyone "plays fair"😉. For the behind the games (ie the actual backers and watchers), I would think it would either be really bored parodies of cthulhu races as seen in some anime or this guy:



  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    You are right... I expressed myself wrong... (can I say that so?)

    Please note:

    I don't use Facebook or Twitter... and all the other scab. If there is a background from WGA so I don't know it...


    I would like the background from Jerry Pournells Book-Series "Janissaries"... a federation of a different races like the EU (but not so incompetent) with different intrests - bound together in a trade union and political intrigues... and like we today play football they use Death Fields to bring joy and fun to the people all over the planets and races of the federation... like the ancient roman "bread and games"... and the humans fight and die for there amusement...

    My opinion we use the Shadowkesh as mercenaries and bounty hunters of the federation - only the minis not Marks original background - and/or SciFi-Lizardmen... and so we could even incorporate the fortunes of the reptilian men as secret lords of the earth... 🤣🤣🤣

    So  WGA could save money and resources... and we get the Shadowkesh... 😃

    And WGA can release add-on SciFi boxes for the spiders - or the lizardmen - so wie can use them as additional races in Death Fields... so not all players are human... 


    ... and not to forget: that movie up was SOOOO bad... a real insult...

  • @Frank Reischmann Actually they along with Eisenkern are an older than WGA concept developed by Mark Mondragon for his company DreamForge games but didn't really make it into the hard plastic stage beyond a single KS exclusive mini the feral handler.  You can read more about them lore wise either on his website, in the Iron Core section of this very forum, and in this handy PDF.

    Using them as bounty hunters is an intresting thought, but frankly its smarter to keep them for Ironcore and just do a Death Fields list of them as is (same deal with the Eisenkern) since the Death Fields setting seems to be dilbertly vague with a "thousands of warrior from across space" thing (I mean at this point they could pull a "glass house auto doc" type plot out with body rebuilding/printing and even have it be that the Cannon Fodder are just on the retirment track).



    Also naw that movie was hilarous and the best of Thor movies in part because of that movie up (though that might not be saying much to you🤣)

  • It might be there is no plan for anything other than a series of models that can be used as proxies for Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard . . . rules writing is hard and it is the thing people complain about most (other than the cost of GW plastics . . . which WGA have managed to solve by making great kits at about $1.50 a figure . . . )

    As I see it, there is a very real possibility the minor and open-ended background is just an excuse to create national stereotype figures to use in 40K.


  • Well, currently we have for all total death fields kits:

    US marines (WIP)




    Viking Dwarves (Transhuman)

    Landsnecht Ogres (Transhuman) (WIP)

    Whatever the cannon fodder are supposed to be

    lizardmen (aliens)

    spiders (aliens)

    and possibly: 

    Treemen (WIP)

    Trolls (WIP) (Transhuman?)

    So, based on the current models:

    2/9 Transhuman

    2/9 Alien

    5/9 Homo Sapiens

    and, based on the "men, women, and beings" part from the cannon fodder box, the command for them might include some aliens.

  • @Danforth Laertes  - The reason rules get mentioned is that Wargames Atlantic did mention the possibility of dipping their toes into writing some wargames rule earlier in the year, or late last year.  I don't remember any of the details now, I seem to recall it was vague beyone one of the possibilities they might explore as they move forward, it still seemed to be on the drawing board at the time, and it might not even be in development now, so anything is possible, with Death Fields seeming like an obvious choice if WGA does develop some rules, but not by any means the only subect they might develop rules for, considering they've got fantasy line and some historical options that might also work well for the subject of a rules se!

    So, it's speculative, but there was an obscure reason to speculate on the possibility of rules :)

  • @Yronimos Whateley From the start actually, and they seemed very serious about it back then.

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