Jack Rabbit 4x4 for JTam

  • This vehicle gives J Tam and myself a bit of mixed feelings, and rightly so, it was a machine due to be delivered by Defience Games. Sadly the company failed to meet there obligations, and people like Tam and myself got burned. I`m posting it here, to show every one actually what a magnificent machine it was, and what a waste never to see its release, (Altough there was a said to be a small American despatch, I`ve never seen one). It is a very realistic Si/Fi 4x4, and this is the sort of machine we as forum members, should be asking Wargames Atlantic to think of making. It suits many time periods and is perfect for the, Oh-Rahs, Eisenkern, or the new Special Opperatives if a company like Defience can get this vehicle, just think what WA could achieve.  

  •  J Tam my friend, I hope you do`nt mind I found these pictures yesterday in my vehicles folder. I really wish WA would think of a small "jeep style 4x4" perhaps we could start the ball rolling, come on members who would like a nice 4x4. Cheers.

  • I kick myself regularly...my local store had several boxes of he Defiance guys and they would have made great infantry guys for games. 

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