Next project which is Landsknechts...

  • Now that it looks like the conquistador cavalry wont be out this year, I am debating on another army to do in the mean time. 


    A) I have kind of started a greenskin army. I have 2 units of 30 Hobgrotz, 10 Kruel boyz and the other command bits that came with the Dominion box set. As well as about 10 converted hobgoblins made from WA goblins, hobgrot bits and Victrix Dacians.

    To this I am thinking about adding a box of Oathmark Goblin wolf riders and the New (supposedly coming in July) Oathmark Orcs. 

    B) I am debating getting the Warlord games Landsknecht starter army. This comes with 96 pikemen, 24 Zweihanders and 24 hand gunners. Plus some metal odds and ends. The plus side of this is I can use my Conquistador bits and even some spare Conquistador bodies... But it may be too similar in nature to my conquistador army. As a bonus, I can add the upcoming WA Landsknecht ogres to this army too though.

    Any suggestions?


  • here is what I have for the green skins currently. 

  • I would say keep working on the Greenskin army for now. 

  • Greenskins would probably be best due to the similarities between the Landsknechts and Conquistadors. You can also start smaller but still expand a lot.

  • ok. Green skins it is. I really like what I have seen of oathmark's orcs. So guess they are next. 

  • @William Redford Goblin spider cavalry? to go with the wolf riders on rougher terrain, ideal scouts one takes to the trees to bring back reports.

  • I know this is the WGA forum.....

    But have you checked out the "Dominion" Orcs on Ebay?  (Search "Dominion Orcs.")  Those are a lot of really nice minis for $75 or so.  Your probably familiar with them.... but if not, these aren't your typical GW Orcs.  They are a lot more Tokenish.  Really well sculpted.  Word on the street is GW way overproduced that box hence the contents are widely available and cheaper.  I know my local hobby store still has three marked down Dominion boxes.... so I tend to believe it.  

    Sh*t.... GW will probably charge more than $75 for the monster mounted guy alone.


  • @JTam yeah. What I have so far is basically all Dominion. I have 2 sets of the 20 hobgrotz and then I got the complete orc half of the dominion set for $40. And the kit was "easy to build" so the models were quite fun to put together. Bits wise, the standing orc boss came with a a weapon choice and the orcs came with an extra head, shield and  spear. The hobgrotz though have like 5 spare half bodies per 20, and extra banners and a ton of extra heads and other bits, it really is a great set and yeah is going super cheap right now. 

  • Well, I ordered the landsknechts... I was weak. Amazon had a thing where you can pay $21/Month for 6 months. So it didnt impact my gaming budget much and my wife is none the wiser. :) 

    ...yeah I am weak...

  • @William Redford 

    LOL.  Sorry.  Your "this is what I got so far" picture was really small on my phone.  

    Still, I would just keep going with those guys.  I've taken my never buy anything AOS vow or I would scoop them up.  GW came at them clean slate, and did a great job.


  • @William Redford 

    What was your overall impression/thoughts on how well mixing Warlord Games Landsknechts and WGA Conquistador parts works?

    21x6=$126.  Is that all that Landsknechts Army box is?  Good for you for getting it.  A one and done, complete army in a box?  Awesome. Maybe WGA will do something similar one day.  

  • @JTam Its $162 on Warlord's site. But $126 on Amazon

    Amazon link for the Starter army

    I think they mix really well. The Landsknechts are a bit thinner, but not overly so. I didnt love all the heads on the landsknechts and think the WA look better and look good on the bodies. I am currently planning:

    * 3 x 30 man pike. (all the pike are on shoulder marching) as that is all these come with. 

    * 1 x 30 Zwiehander. (24 from this set and 6 more with WA bits 

    * 1 x 20 man hand gunners ( with 4 left over)

    Will do a head coungt on my WA conquistadors to see how many heads I have left and see if I have enough to head swap the whole lot. 

  • I am not normally a fan of GW AoS sculpts but I do like those new “Orruks” and picked up a few cheap on eBay.

  • Well I clipped all the left over conquistador heads to see what I may be able to use...

    man there are a ton. I did a count... I am not sure the proper names for each type of head but I divided in to 5 categories. 
    * pot/kettle heads - 99

    * cloth heads- 51

    * merc heads (I think these are sallet)- 30

    * morion heads- 102

    * fancy helmet heads- 86


  • You can never have too many heads.

  • @William Redford Did you get an head ache counting them all.😸

  • @William Redford I'm most interested to see how you combine the Oathmark Goblins and Orcs when the latter are released (I can't believe North Star took so long to get these released after they originally mentioned them as being part of last year's release schedule, but they do look good and I think would make good alternative Mordor Uruk-Hai and/or Black Guard of Barad Dur with additional bitz) with the Kruleboyz in a way that gets those two sets of aesthetics to fit. Keep us posted on that! 🙂

    Last time I was down at my local GW I inspected some of their Kruleboyz they had out on their AoS starter table and noticed they were smaller than they looked on the website, probably about the height of the old Orc Boyz or perhaps even slightly shorter, so the height difference I actually don't think will be too much - especially as the new Oathmark Orcs are probably the only Oathmark plastics that actually look like they fit on the 25mm square bases Renedra supplies with the kits, and thus probably are also similarly sized.

    I like the Kruleboyz, GW did a good job with them as others have said, though their swampy theme keeps tempting me to convert some into Fimir... 😉

  • @Geoff Maybury No. :) I like the admin part of making an army. So the head taking and counting was fun. Though I do have chronic migraines and am on meds.. so anything that triggers headaches i try to avoid. :)

    @Caratacus The Hobgrots are pretty close sizewise to the WA goblins. The Krule Boy orcs are about as tall as WA Irish, but a bit wider and are on 32mm bases. I like them. And I have never really been an orc guy.

  • @Caratacus They are very close in height to the Kairic Acolytes, who (at least in the lore) shapeshifted their bodies to be as close to perfection as possible. They are mounted on the same bases too. Compared to the Cursed City Hero models they are also very close. However, Some of the models are more hunched in form, making them appear shorter. I used one of the crossbow guys, who is a bit taller than the spear guys (both from dominion) but based on scale creep that probably puts them right next to the old orks, but I haven't seen them, nor do I know which particular models you are reffering to. They do tower over most smaller models though, such as the cursed city skeletons. I was hoping for Fimirs when I first saw the announement, but it was not to be.

  • Oathmark... ORCS? Don't their "goblins" already have jaws only a mother could love? And I always thought all the lanky dudes in GW's new greenskins were hobgoblins. I guess its fine to use them for something else, like D&D hobbos or LotR greenskins in general, as they are only AoS nonsense and not actually Warhammer canon.


    The conquistators seem to have a bunch of transitional helmets. The sallet comes in way to close on the back of the neck and looks more like a barbute from the front, and the kettle thingers strike me as some kind of early morions - or some french kettles from the 14th century. In general, a bunch of these designs are a good 100-150 years old at this point IIRC, only the fully developed morion and the burgonet (the one you have as "fancy") would really be modern for this period.

    Also, you have way too many conquistadors. Wait. Wait, no, my count is wrong. Looks like I forgot to multiply all but the soft hats by the number of sprues in my excel sheet. 27 heads per six dudes? Blessed be whoever has a head fetish at WGA...

  • @Blutze I like their orcs more than their goblins. I am not actually sure why. I cant really point to any one thing that makes me like tham more. *shrug*


    The conquistadors... I got the 5 box deal. After putting together 100 of the 120 conquistadors and converting like 40 other minis with conquistador heads... so I have used like 140 heads and the above count is what is left after that... so yeah... wayyyyyyyyy many heads. :)


    In other news, my Landsknechts are out for delivery! :)

  • Its not about liking or anything, I was just surprised they are adding orcs when their goblins are already... not exactly goblins.

    I'll be getting that Warlord box myself soon. And WGA conqs, and Perry M@A, so its gonna be time to finally assemble the Perry mercs with decent halberds. But first we gotta figure out how many of the paints we got in this ebay bundle can be salvaged, so we can plan to get the free shipping above 49e here and the 10% off above 150e there. And I need to unravel flock/grass prices - a lot of the offerings out there don't even spell out the contained amount...

  • I got my landsknecht box. Starting my first unit. They are straight Warlord landskenchts but with WA conquistador morion heads. The command uses Warlord heads...


  • I got in my order of statuesque heads today, so made a test figure. I got 30 "pulp" heads. This will be a 30 lady unit of pike. Though I think the champion may use a cannon fodder head (pigtails). But we will see. 

    Anyway, here is a pic of the 3 packs of 10 I ordered. Again these are the pulp heads. Statuesque quoted like 4 or 5 weeks for delivery, but these got here in a week. Definitely much faster than expected. Also pictured is the rotary tool I ordered. I used the smallest bit I had to drill a neck hole in the torso. The head fit snugly and then I super glued it in. All the other pieces used plastic cement. 

    And here is also a picture of everything this army has so far. 30 Pike, 20 hand gunners, 20 hafling hand gunners, 6 dwarf hand gunners and a light gun. I still have the rest of my 30 pike girls to finish. Another unit of 30 pike, and a unit of 30 greatsword... I will eventually add some landsknecht ogres and am debating on doing the WA/ perry light cavalry conversion horseman I saw on Facebook. 

  • Go to it Bill the armys going from strenght to strenght, brilliant job mate. 

  • @William Redford really, really like where you are going with this.

    Just some paint and it will be an amazing looking army. 

  • Paint? Have you SEEN the man's shelves?

    (Not that I'm any better...)

  • @Blutze ha! Yeah. Paint...? That's a name I haven't heard... in a long time...

  • Heh. I was almost getting into a rut of a mini per week or so, until it took me close to a month to figure out what I'm doing wrong with this Army Painter spray*. And now I have somebody to play, so building up new purchases into playable units has priority . Like, taking out the tail and generally flattening the jetpack module on KoW gargoyles, with a goal of five done until next thursday...

    *Get closer. MUCH closer. Can says 15-20cm, but really you wanna be on the lower end of it, compared to Citadel's 20-30cm where you can absolutely stay in the longer half without breaking anything. Also, hit the button hard and long.

  • @Blutze I am one of those lucky few that paints all his minis. Granted, speedpaints have helped me a lot lately, but I try and fight the grey every time I can. 
    That being said, I don't really care for ultra quality painting, I am really just a wargamer. 

  • @Blutze 

    Manually applied Black Gesso -or tinted White Gesso- is far cheaper and even better than Primer spray cans -all of them whatever the brand. More infos there:


  • @Steven StGeorges I have never heard of using gesso as a primer, I have some, will have to try it. Thanks.

  • @Vitor Soares 

    Bem-vindo meu amigo 🧐

    I am using Gesso as primer for miniatures for decades now, and spraycans -cheap ones from Walmart, DIY or Dollar stores like Krylon, Rustoleum or some obscure brand- for scenery elements only.


  • @Steven StGeorges obrigado :)
    I normally use spraycans as primer and zenithal, but my wife has a ton of gesso (art teacher), so I might give ir a try.

  • Not sure about this gesso stuff. I've heard about it, but most of what I heard makes it seem a little weird and unintuitive, and nothing really struck me as an actual advantage. As for the price, a quick glance at some hardware store websites shows roughly the same price per volume as spray cans for tabletop supplies. Would have to dig for other sources.

    But it doesn't really matter how cheap it is, because I can get the rest of my AP can for free. Once that one is done, I can look into alternatives.

  • Big brush and craft brand acrylic does me just fine for undercoat. Never liked spray cans much. 

  • Made a captain for my female pikemen. This is a WA conquistador legs, a Cannon fodder 2 torso. and head.... the plan will be to paint the torso like a leather jacket and the zipper as chain mail below it. 


  • @William Redford 

    Creative conversion!  Never would have thought to use the Cannon Fodder torso.

    That female Landsknechts is a big girl.