WGA and Perry WW2 comparison photo?

  • I've done a few searches and can't seem to find photos with both Wargames Atlantic and Perry WW2 figures. Any two forces fine, just want to know if they look right next to eachother.

  • I was able to find this. I should think that they'll work just fine.


  • It seems the link is restricted to just group members. If anyone has miniatures from both companies, please post shots of them. I believe perry has a consistent scale (excluding the 40mm Ranges and David Gregory) so any models should do. The historicals for WGA also seem to have a similar scale, so any of those will work (though fantasy, death fields and iron core are slightly differnt in scale).

  • This will hopefully work.This should Hopefully work for a comparison.

  • Close.

  • Here's what I have to hand - Perry historic and WA WW1/2:

    I find Perry to generally be a touch slighter, with the feet particularly posed closer together, but not smaller per se.



  • Sure I have a pic of both Perry's a Africa Corps and a WA Partisain next to a 1/56 plastic tank Warlord sells:

    Them next to a kitbash tank/tankette (Warlord's plastic Universal carrier is the base):

    Here is a pic next to Afgahns (not exactly WW2 but eh):

    Dak and Afgahn next to lizardman (cause WWW2):

    If you want more pics just ask. The only minor issue I have with the Perry's models vs. WA is that the Perry's WW2 models seem to have slightly truer to life proportions over all to WAs though the differences are nowhere near as bad as they both are next to Warlord's semi heroic scale proportion WW2 sculpts. I actually get the general feeling a decent paint job would cover-up most of the differences between WA and Perry WW2s.

    Likewise both look pretty dang good next to 1/56 vehicles:


  • Thanks.

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