Grognards box art

  • How wpuld i go about painting the actual grognard colors in the citadel range? 


    For the blue i tried Macraggie Blue and it didnt quite look right. Any ideas for a better blue that matches the blue on the box? 

  • I'm pretty sure Matthew Leahy gave his recipe somewhere for them.

  • From the look of it those have been painted black and then blue as highlights. Try Black -> McCragge ->MCragge with a touch of white.

  • I can actually read so I know you said Citadel paints.

    But if you want a guide to painting what I presume to be the inspiration for the Grognard's scheme in Vallejo paints.... here it is:

    I used Citadel paints for a long time... but the bottles from the last 10 years or so dry out so fast....  Expensive bottle after expensive bottle thrown away.  I switched to Vallejo as those dropper bottles will last until dooms day.  

    The guide is from The Painting War Napoleonic French Army.

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