• Well wev`e seen them on facebook, and on here, the "BUGS" are coming. I`ve seen posts on facebook sugesting weapons and armour put on the bugs. Please WA, don`t do that, perhaps a sprue, if there are those that want this feature. I thought they were The ultimate addvesary in the Universe, against all Aliens including man, they are not Aliens, as in "Falling Skies", which I know several of us have expressed interest in seeing. These are an abomination to any living life force. A force that sweeps all animal or intelligent life into extintion. With a natural strong body armour, fast on, 6 to 8 legs. Wicked Killing appendages, that strike terror to any race. Mandables of steel that bite through most body armour, and leave broken defeated boddies, were they swarm. these are the Race of BUGS. Let us have Alien races figure sets,wev`e asked for them,  but don`t water down the bugs , ramp them up, they should terrify they are after all the ultimate "PEST" to be encountered.  

  • Skitters are one of my favorite Alien races they look bug like but have arms for our weaponary.These are true bugs please keep them this way.

  • @Geoff Maybury I do like that one, I suggested it on the legion facebook group. Its a good example of an alien bug that can fit in multiple settings such as an starship troopers arachnid type, a tyranid or a generic sci-fi monster.

    I've no problem with bugs with sci-fi guns in theory but its not what I think they are planning with this set.

    I do like the idea of primate aliens who have been sold surplus human weaponry.




  • I like that bugs... between the "bugs" from Starship Troopers (movie) and GWs "Tyranids"... very good symbiosis... 

    I want them...


    ...but I must say a alien race like the Kzin was more interested, or a bird-like race... more unusual... never seen a feline race in gaming so it would be nice... and we can play Wing Commander... :-) ...


  • @Frank Reischmann Actually I have seen Felines in a lot of TTRPG games (Traveler, D&D, BESM,etc.) and you can pretty much play them as beast men in genric fantasy war games.

    @Geoff Maybury

    To be honest it depends on build for me. I kind think if it can climb ladders it can and should be able to use range and melee weapons that are not growing out of its body (come on xenomorphs!🙄), and if it talks and is clearly intellegent why would it not have its own non-organic tech tree? particularly after year of fighting a tech using race! (Come on Archnaid empire in Roughnecks!🙄🤣).

    Also: no 6 to 8 legged bugs, four legs with arms is enough and the spiders are enough hard to put together sets!🤣

  • @Brian Van De Walker I`m really looking forward to the day we get some "Non" human aliens. The exellent Dust alien above, as championed by John and rightly so is exellent. I love the Falling Skies aliens, groups, with their prisoner power increasing symbions. This is some thing I`d love to play,and is a real wargame treat. Very suprised no one took the IP. There are know several alien plastic box sets but , the dog aliens, from Alien, Cat from TSR`s Traveller and many others have never seen light of day, its a real missed oppertunity as If your`e going to do cats and dogs do the reversed legs amd perhaps a bit taller than a man. Alien races I`m all for armour, weapons, and space suits, the more varied the better, for painting and overall odity. I just see "BUGS" as totally different to any species of "Alien Races" an infestation that spans the Gallaxys even in to Deathfields  that is unique in its lifeforms and completly deadly to all that they encounter.  with only the limititations of their own  bodies.

  • Above Falling Skies alien races plus one more.

  • @Frank ReischmannFOR SURE, an alien Cat/dog race. they all have been to long comming. every alien race in the gallaxy "CAN`T" be humanoid. BUGS though they`re  unique, and deadly

  • @John Wilson Love every detail of this, these little fiends are 100% gold. I`d love a race like these to be made, pure none human perfection.

  • The problem with tough, unarmed bugs that can bite through steel and gore men to death is...you're basically describing a bear or a hippo, but, like, uglier.  Ooh, scary! 

    Unarmored bug aliens are great for very specific scenarios, but lack flexibility.  Without tech or weapon options, they're just beasts.  Reaper and Wizkids are selling a lot of bug beasts already--which doesn't mean WGA shouldn't, but it does mean WGA should think about how best to take advantage of their production method and medium, such as maximizing options.

  • I am on the same side of the fence as @Geoff Maybury is but for completely selfish reasons. 🤪 If they dont have futuristic weapons, then I can use them in fantasy games... Demons, outsiders, abberations, etc, etc... As I only run fantasy games, and only play in a couple of other genres (starfinder, Starwars, a couple others here and there), making them fantasy enabled works best for me. 

    But... having tech or weapons does make them more broadly appealing which would make them sell better so is probably better for everyone. 

    But having a large or huge stink bug looking alien would be awesome. 

  • @BS Kitbasher What I`d like to see is a race, that is for the most part an organic Killing race like Aliens. S,T. Yes when there deadlyness as a swarm as been shown, then if Weapons sprues are added, to them great, as in a corp wants them more deadly. But the BUGS should be as Aliens, killers in there own mold, not an alien race, armed with the latest plasma casters. We really do need Alien races, as said above , as do we need the BUGS.

  • @William Redford@Geoff Maybury  Guys, the spiders proved they could do both and it would likely still work for everything. In fact it could probably be better done now, particulaly if they keep the legs between 2 to 4 instead of 6 to 8.

  • @Brian Van De Walker Couldn`t agree with you more, I`ve got the spiders, and they are, in my thoughts, one of the best made Fantasy/ Si Fi made.  My only call for, no clothes , no weapons to start, is to make that first set, a unique Killer set, perfect in their own bodies right from the start, A none watered down creature, that needs no armour or weapons to be the ultimate killer. Ramp em up, by all means with weapons, I`d probably use them as "corp medaling etc". I want to use them in Deathfields, and many other games, if you design as in Alien, and ST a creature,that needs no weaponary. Then as seen in several Alien books, it becomes far worse when some corp trys to be clever, but for now lets get the creature perfect and "TOTALLY UNIQUE".  

  • I seem to be the only one complaining that the prototype bugs have only got four limbs . It just doesn't look right . Apart from the fact it prevents them from using weapons,bugs are not bipeds,all the great images around have them with six limbs . We want bugs not exoskeletoned quadrupeds. Come on ,help me moan before it's too late to fix them!

  • @PEter GIlham I would prefer 6 or 8 limbs too. 

  • Looks like they are painting examples and printing boxes so four legged bugs it is. I think I will re name them the disappointments .

  • @William Redford Have you bought the spider box yet🤣

    @PEter GIlham nah, four legs is perfect for hoard bugs, since you have to build tons of them (if it worked for the Starship Trooper franchise it works fine for plastic wargaming models).

  • @Brian Van De Walker no... but I have heard that they are not fun builds. Though my next sprue order, I do plan to get a couple. But yeah, I am unlikely to get anywhere near the numbers that would drive army builders insane. 

  • @Brian Van De Walker Starship trooper bugs had two smaller limbs which they attacked with while standing on four legs!

  • @PEter GIlham 🙄those are arms or if you must be specific some sort of evolved mandibles, not legs and they never walk on them😒. 

    In the case of space bugs and arthropod multipart models in general, each set of legs adds further complications to a multipart build with regards to aligning the legs up so the "bug" stands in a manner that does not look like a normal preschooler's 5 minute art project. In short 6 to 8 legs is very bad for hoard bugs when you need them in the hundreds. Don't belive me buy the spiders.🙄

    Now you may have an arguement about a need for arm slots, but more legs..... Just no! four is enough, quit your moaning.😆

  • Brian,go look at a praying mantis. It walks on four legs and the other two legs are adapted to catch its prey. But still six legs making it an insect. And I will keep moaning if I choose to! 😡

  • @Brian Van De Walker Ugh those starship troopers bugs :(
    Used to be a licenced game with those as a plastic sprue kit a long time ago. Hesitating until they blew out of my pricerange is probably my biggest regret hobbywise...

  • @PEter GIlham Sorry but I have looked, Mantis actually walk on all six legs.🤣 If they didn't thier front limbs would not really be legs either since they would not fulfil the dictionary definition of what legs are.

    Likewise in such a case where they never walk on the limbs in question, it would be better to label said limbs  as pincer arms  and the mantis themselves would likely not be veiwed as insects or at the very least be veiwed as a diffrent order of insect if they didn't walk on all six limbs.

    The ST movie warrior bugs are not true insects as we know them, but they are truly alien arthropods because they walk on only four of their six limbs and its clear as day they never walk on all six since two of those are arms (stubby little arms with scythes instead of hands, but thats besides the point), to my knowledge no real animal in nature actually has that centaur arrangement!

    And what’s more you would lose the argument that those small scythe arms warrior bugs have are legs in every English speaking court of law and the only reason I am saying specifically “English speaking court of law” is in the VERY faint off chance some lazy foreign language only uses the term “leg” for every limb🤣.

    Oh, and bug does not equal insect, and never has because bug is just slang for garden varity invertbres (pill bugs and caterpillars are clearly veiwed as bugs, but they sure as heck are not insects). If it has  no backbone and a exoskeleton but only 4 legs its still a bug and its a better design for something people need armies of then something with 6 legs😆. Good luck on your moaning.

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